Sk8 DK's
Sk8 with his Sk8 4 Life hat.
Full Name Sk8
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Shrub Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Himself, his family, Rix6
Family and Relations
S2art (baby brother)
Main Weapon(s) Skateboard
Ability/ies Skateboarding
Vulnerable To Lazers, Punches, Bites
First Appearance Sk8 and the Board of Power (2013)

Sk8 is the main star of the Sk8 series, he loves Skateboarding and other athletic activities, like baseball, biking, and running. He is 15 years old and is best friends with Rix6, a mechanical genius. He has a crush on RIx6's twin sister, Fl4a.


Sk8 is a green eyed human with tan skin and blonde hair. He wears a red hat that says "Skate for LIFE!" on it in Yellow letters. He wears a green shirt and jeans, and wears a red backpack, he also wears brown shoes.


Sk8 is friendly, kind, and adventurous. He can tend to be a little too curious sometimes, and is sometimes overenthusiastic. He can be very talkative when he wants to be.



  • Sk8 was critiqued by many users for having short arms in his original concept, this was corrected later.
  • Data was found for him as a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Uproar.