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Developer(s) Nextgen solo logo4
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Worldwide - June 17, 2012
Main Game

Puzzle Challenge

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Genre(s) Puzzle
Media Included Nextablet Game Disc
Sixty Four's Puzzler 3 is the third game of the Sixty Four's Puzzler series, developed by NextGen Solo for the Nextablet. It is NextGen Solo's first title to be released on that system. SFP3 is built off of Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 in several ways, although largely improved, especially in the visual aspect.


Sixty Four and Eight Bit are once again pulled into the wacky Void sub-world Gamerzpuzzle, this time to stop the villain Jayl Cel from taking over the peaceful land of puzzles. With the power of Sixty's Nintendo 64, Jayl Cel has reawakened the Shadowheads, ancient enemies of the Gamerzpuzzle residents, and now the cartridge-based puzzle boards must be cleared to defeat the shadows and banish Jayl Cel.


As with Sixty Four's Puzzler 2, to clear a puzzle board you must match same-colored groups of 3 or more cartridges together in a row, column, or diagonal line. There is a set number of cartridges per board, however said cartridges are colored at random, factoring in the current cartridges on the board and the difficulty level set to create a game experience that is well-paced and all the boards can be completed.

Also an element to the board that must be cleared are the Shadowheads. These pesky balls of dark energy take up space on the board, their goal being to drive your cartridges to the spiky ceiling of the puzzle board. To clear these enemies, you must match one with two Ruby-color cartridges in the aforementioned ways to clear groups of 3. As such, Shadowheads can only be cleared one at a time.

There is more of a focus on RPG elements this time around. Whether playing as Sixty or Eight, your character will gain experience points (EXP) at the end of the level based on the score. EXP is used to level up your character, and upon gaining a level, you will receive a Touch Ability, a permanent power-up that has a certain touch gesture. Using this on a puzzle board will produce the ability's specific beneficial effect, at the cost of some score points which will impact the amount of EXP you receive at the end.



In SFP3, we have updated the GUI to be better organized and look cleaner. Everything essential is carried over from the last game, as well as one added new feature. While the usage of extra lives is gone from this game, your character does have a health meter. In most of the early levels, you can pretty much disregard it, but in all the boss battles and later levels, the releasing of Shadowheads onto the board will take away health, adding another way you could potentially fail the board and have to start over.



SFP3 still makes use of a world/level system found more commonly in platformers, though largely updated visually from the last game. A blue level tile means the level has been completed, a yellow level tile means it has yet to be completed, and a dark level tile means you have not unlocked that level yet.

When you beat the "high score to beat" of a level, your best high score appears under the level title, and the level tile gains a golden flag next to it.


There are 9 worlds and 38 levels in the main game. Each world has 4 levels (expect for World 9 and World Z), 3 normal and 1 boss battle at the end. In the case of World 9, there are 3 boss battles, and World Z is all boss battles. There are also two Special Worlds (World 10 and World Z) unlocked after you defeat Dark Jayl Cel, which raises the total to 11 worlds and 56 levels.

World Title Levels
1: Welcome Back to Gamerzpuzzle
  • 1-1: From Small Beginnings
  • 1-2: Get the Hang of It
  • 1-3: You're All Set
  • 1-4: BOSS: Shadowhead Golem
2: Game Board City
  • 2-1: They Get Harder
  • 2-2: Shadowheads Return
  • 2-3: Test Your Skills
  • 2-4: BOSS: Valdar the Wizard
3: Gamerz Mountains
  • 3-1: Cliff Challenge 1
  • 3-2: Cliff Challenge 2
  • 3-3: Mount Shadow
  • 3-4: BOSS: Seven the Knight
4: Stirring Sea
  • 4-1: No Sand Here
  • 4-2: Power Refined
  • 4-3: Underwater Uncertainty
  • 4-4: BOSS: Mick Cool's Xtractor
5: Skies Above the Land
  • 5-1: Ramp Up the Difficulty
  • 5-2: Puzzling Peril
  • 5-3: Perplex Cloud
  • 5-4: BOSS: Demon Amy Cerato
6: A Wild Jayl Cel Appears
  • 6-1: Strength Unleashed
  • 6-2: Cartridge Carnage
  • 6-3: Are You Ready?
  • 6-4: BOSS: Jayl Cel
7: Game Board City, Destroyed
  • 7-1: Get the Peace Key
  • 7-2: Puzzling Peril 2
  • 7-3: Realize Your Full Potential
  • 7-4: BOSS: Corrupted Eight/Sixty
8: The Voidcore
  • 8-1: They Get Their Hardest
  • 8-2: Core Challenge 1
  • 8-3: Core Challenge 2
  • 8-4: BOSS: Chief Shadowhead
9: The Lair of Jayl
  • 9-1: This is It
  • 9-2: Away in the Cellar
  • 9-3: Out of Many, One
  • 9-4: BOSS 1: Royal Guard Seven
  • 9-5: BOSS 2: Chief Shadowhead 2
  • 9-6: FINAL BOSS: Dark Jayl Cel
SPECIAL 1: Into the Fire
  • 10-1: So, You've Returned
  • 10-2: As If They Couldn't Get Harder
  • 10-3: Souless Individuals Crafted This
  • 10-4: BOSS: Kortus the Wizard
SPECIAL 2: Zero's Gathering
  • Z-1: BOSS 1: Super Shadowhead Golem
  • Z-2: BOSS 2: Super Valdar the Wizard
  • Z-3: BOSS 3: Super Seven the Knight
  • Z-4: BOSS 4: Super Mick Cool's Xtractor
  • Z-5: BOSS 5: Super Demon Amy Cerato
  • Z-6: BOSS 6: Super Jayl Cel
  • Z-7: BOSS 7: Super Corrupted Eight/Sixty
  • Z-8: BOSS 8: Super Chief Shadowhead
  • Z-9a: BOSS 9a: Super Royal Guard Seven
  • Z-9b: BOSS 9b: Ultra Chief Shadowhead
  • Z-9c: BOSS 9c: Super Dark Jayl Cel
  • Z-10: BOSS 10: Super Kortus the Wizard
  • Z-11: TRUE FINAL BOSS: Zero
  • Z-12: ULTIMATE FINAL BOSS: Super Zero


These are the 4 main characters of this game.


Image Description

Sixty Four: The teenage hero of Peace Key City and the Void, Sixty Four finds himself once again in the crazy world of Gamerzpuzzle.


Eight Bit: Once a loyal follower of the evil god, Zero, Eight is now on the side of light for this adventure in the puzzle world.


Image Description
Chief Shadowhead Chief Shadowhead: After the sentient cartridges and N64 failed to return, the Shadowheads appointed this scary-looking foe their leader.
JaylHead Jayl Cel: The main antagonist of Sixty Four's story, Jayl returns as the awakener of the Shadowheads, and has grown accustom to their power and the puzzles of Gamerzpuzzle.



  • Sixty Four's Puzzler 3 was supposed to be released in Spring-Summer 2011 on the NinTablet, but it was delayed a year to make way for new projects and the development of the next generation of NextGen Solo systems.
  • The Sixty Four's Puzzler games are no longer the only current Voidverse games; at Fantendo World 2012, Adventure: Sixty Four was announced.
  • In the screenshot of the user interface, it displays Level 9-6 as "Vs. Eight." This is a screenshot of a beta when only Sixty was to be playable and Eight was the final boss. In the final release, Level 9-6 is "Vs. Dark Jayl Cel."
  • Counting the "Super" boss rematches and the Zero battles, there are 26 bosses in this game, the largest amount of any NextGen Solo title.
  • Many could be confused over what makes the identically-structured puzzles become difficult over time. What makes them difficult is the amount of time to clear them, the amount of cartridges and Shadowheads that will appear in that level, and how fast they will appear.
  • Touch Abilities replaced one-time power-ups because in SFP2 you would not lose any score points when you got up to the amount to use a power-up, therefore experienced players would get really good power-ups that would making clearing the boards very easy, to the point where they would get bored out of lack of challenge.
  • The level "Puzzling Peril" makes a reappearance from Sixty Four's Puzzler 2.
  • There are 2 references to Out of Many and 1 reference to The Sixty Four Saga in the level titles. Also, Peace Key City and the Great Sand Sea are played on in the levels, "Get the Peace Key" and "No Sand Here", respectively.
  • Valdar the Wizard makes a cameo as a boss. This little-known Voidverse game character made his last appearance in the old NextGen Solo game, Sixty Four's Adventure Game: Mick Cool's Quest. Also, last appearing in the unreleased game, The Sixty Four Adventure, Kortus the Wizard makes a cameo as a later boss.
  • Mick Cool's Xtractor makes a cameo as a boss. Mick Cool last used this in the original Sixty Four's Puzzler to look through Sixty's N64 cartridges.

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