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Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 Case (Player's Choice)
Developer(s) NextGen Solo Logo2
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Platform(s) Nintendo NinTablet Logo
Release Date(s)
Japan: March 2nd, 2011

North America: March 10th, 2011

Europe & Australia: March 14th, 2011

Story Mode
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Puzzle
Media Included NinTablet Mini-Disc

Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 is the sequel to the unsuccessful game Sixty Four's Puzzler. This game is part of the Sixty Four Revamp, where all the Sixty Four games released get a sequel. This game is for the NinTablet.


Sixty Four, who you may know as the hero of the Void, a dark Fantendoverse world that holds the city where his adventures take place, is not always a hero. In fact, when it's not summer, he is just like everybody else. But Eight Bit, his rival, is also a normal kid, and so he is a year-round villain. One time when Sixty was playing his favorite system (you can guess on that one), Eight Bit snuck in and used his Dark Power to bring his games to life. Eight Bit was unaware of the fact that his power was much stronger than him, and with that, Sixty, Eight, and the living games were sucked into Gamerzpuzzle, a weird world inside the Voidcore. There, the games piled up and blocked Sixty and Eight's path back! Now they had to clear the game piles (led by stronger living games) and get back home!

When they reached Mario Party's pile, Eight suddenly felt the core's power grow stronger. Unable to control the power surges, he was overcome by evil and jumped into the pile. Looks like Sixty lost a friend and gained a villain!

On Eight Bit's world, Sixty meets up with Mick Cool, who was buried under games after the games invaded. Sixty helps Mick Cool up, and they continue on. However, before the Mario Party battle in the same world, the evil Mario Party cartridge knocks Mick Cool down and then pushes him, making him fall into the abyss.

When Sixty begins the final challenge, his first puzzle battle is with Eight Bit, and when he is down, he is snapped out of his dark possession. Now that Sixty and Eight are back together, your lives double, and the evil N64 itself begins to unleash its puzzle fury!


This game does not have traditional worlds. Instead, the living games have challenges/levels that must be completed to reach the boss, which is that living game.

Sixty Four's Puzzler World 1 Map

The World 1 map.

As you can see, the levels where you have beaten the high score have their level names colored in with yellow stripes. On the map, you are represented by a greenish arrow with Sixty's head on it. You can drag this along the tan lines connecting one level to another to get to levels. Tapping the gray "Play" button will bring up the puzzle screen, which begins that level. Levels that are not unlocked are in black, levels not beaten are in red, and levels beaten are in blue.

The level list is as follows:

Super Mario 64

1-1: The First Puzzle

1-2: Puzzling Peril

1-3: Putting 'em Together

1-4: Cartridge Carnage

1-Boss: Super Mario 64's Mega Mushroom Puzzle

Ocarina of Time

2-1: Winds of Puzzle

2-2:, Challenge

2-3: The Tri(Again)force

2-4: Wonderfully Puzzling

2-Boss: The Ocarina of Confusion

Super Smash Bros.

3-1: Puzzle Pounding

3-2: A Smashing Time in Gamerzpuzzle

3-3: Perplexing Round

3-4: Challenge of the Bros.

3-Boss: The Super Smash Puzzle

Mario Party

4-1: Puzzle Party

4-2: Discombobulated Disco

4-3: The Complex Checkerboard

4-4: Eight Bit Strolls In

4-Boss: Eight Bit's Party

Eight Bit

5-1: Mick Cool

5-2: Crazy Puzzling Puzzle

5-3: Perplexing Round 2

5-4: Challenging Challenge of Challenging Challenges

5-Boss: The Late Puzzle with Mario Party

Donkey Kong 64

6-1: Boom! Bang! Puzzle!

6-2: Bad Basalt

6-3: Eruption of the Mind

6-4: Burning Brain Challenge

6-Boss: The King of the Puzzle Jungle

The System Itself

7-1: Perplexing Round 3

7-Boss: The Final Challenge


The gameplay is a mix of Bejeweled and Tetris. There are four cartridges that can appear, each different colors. If you match three of the same color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, they are cleared. There is a set number of cartridges in each level to clear, and a set time in which to clear them. There is a Shadowhead (see Characters) for every level that dispenses little Shadowheads to block you. Only red cartridges joined horizontally clear all the Shadowheads on the screen.

Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 Puzzle Screen

The first boss, the SM64 Shadowhead Leader

Bosses can conjure more Shadowheads, and there are little to no red cartridges in the challenges. This makes matching hard in the later boss challenges because there can be a large amount of Shadowheads on screen. However, bosses only have a set amount of Shadowheads to dish out.

If the cartridges and Shadowheads accumulate enough and fill the screen, the spikes will crush the topmost row (Yes the whole row. This includes the cartridge/Shadowhead all the way to the right that is under the shaft where they come from.), causing you to lose a substantial 1000 points in a regular level and 1500 points in a boss fight.

To win, as said before, you must clear all the cartridges from the screen in the set amount of time. After you run out of cartridges, you can match the cartridges freely by dragging any cartridge to another in the remaining time. However, this is not available in boss fights, so when you run out of cartridges, if there's more than 3 left onscreen, you lose. Also, if all the cartridges aren't matched up in regular levels before the time runs out, you lose as well.

After you clear a level, you can go back and try to beat the high score for that level. Beating it will give you extras in the Extras menu.


Sixty Four The hero of the Void, Sixty Four must gather his strength to defeat the evil darkness inside his video games.
Eight Bit Sixty Four's legendary, long-time rival has infected Sixty's videos games with darkness. Will he team up with Sixty to destroy what he has done?
Cartridges Cartridges come in four colors: red, blue, purple, and green. The Shadowheads are mass producing them to fuel their never-ending energy needs.
Shadowheads Evil manifestations of darkness, these menaces are possessing Sixty's greatest games and producing other games to power their great amount of energy.

Leaders of game piles, these stronger Shadowheads take control of games and send out more Shadowheads onto the puzzle screen, using their games' power.

Retro Edition

The Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 Retro Edition is a combo pack featuring Sixty Four's Puzzler and SFP2, in a case the is a big homage to the original game's case. Also, in the Retro Edition, you can play as Eight Bit, and the only changes are when Eight Bit becomes overcome with power and becomes evil, it is Sixty instead, the map arrow's head becomes Eight's, and when bosses shout "Sixty?! Oh yeah, the great hero of all the void! You're probably not as smart as ya look!" before their challenge, they will say "Eight?! Oh yeah, the one who almost ruled the entire void! You're probably not as quick as ya look!"

Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 Retro Case

The Retro Case


This is the gallery for all the artwork for SFP2.

More pics coming soon.


  • Sixty Four's Puzzler 2 was originally supposed to come out in February 2010, but due to the unsuccessful first game, SFP2 was delayed by 11 months.
  • Sixty, Eight, and Micool have all received design updates for this game. They are the 2011 designs.
  • The game's case pays a homage to the original Sixty Four's Puzzler case, with Sixty and Eight's head being the focus of the cover.
  • The game's text logo (the plain white letters that say "Sixty Four's Puzzler 2") is simple and boring. This was because placing the blue letters of the real logo on the game-infobox would've rendered them almost invisible.
  • There is no word on a Sixty Four's Puzzler 3 yet, but seeing as how this one is nicely done and done quickly, there is a good possibility of a third installment.
  • The Shadowheads bear a striking resemblance to the head of a Hellborn Scythe in Where All Dead Things Go... , another NextGen Solo game.

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