Sixty Four's Puzzler is a game based off of  Dk64rules's series of fanfiction about Sixty Four. It is a Tetris-style game and is to be released in Spring 2010.


Eight Bit has stolen all of Sixty's games and thrown them  in the pile of N64 cartridges! How ever will he find his games? Luckily, Mick Cool's Xtractor can help you pick out and analyze the games for the correct memory. Let's get diggin'!


SM64 Look-alikes

DK64 Look-alikes

B-K Look-alikes

LOZ: OOT Look-alikes


1. Top O' The Pile

2. Middle Ground

3. Bottom Bash

4. Eight Bit's Last Challenge


This game got mixed reviews. Some enjoyed the fact that it coped well with kids' minds, and since the fanfic is kiddish, it went over well. Others complained that it was too easy for older fans. Some just complained that it didn't have an adventure feel as the fanfic does.


Sixty Four

Sixty Four

SFP Game Case

game case

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