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SFAG: MCQ is an adventure game where you use Mick Cool and you go around the Void City looking for Sixty's body.

Release: Spring 2010
Rated: E 10+
Publisher: Fantendo
Developer: Vectrix, inc.


Mick Cool and Sixty Four are wandering the Void City, 10 years after the end of the fan-fiction. Suddenly a magician named Valdar shows up. He offers Mick Cool a Freind's Charm. Mick Cool takes it. Suddenly Sixty's body disappears! Now Mick Cool and Sixty's head must find the rest of Sixty, before Valdar seals the curse!


World 1: Northern Peaks

1. Posh Start

2. Heights Havoc

3. BOSS: Valdar's Clone

World 2: Western Convicts

1. Paroll Officer Path

2. Ex-Con Roads

3. BOSS: Master Eight

World 3: Eastern Slums

1. Poor Path

2. Moneyless Mountain

3. BOSS: Amyius the Eastern Beast

World 4: Southern Workhouses

1. Dark Downhill

2. Weird Workhouse

3. BOSS: Dimentio, Holder of the Heart

World 5: Valdar Tops

1. BOSS: Valdar

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