Sixty Four's Adventure 2
Developer(s) (previous) NextGen Solo

(current) Brock Productions

Publisher(s) Brock Producing
Platform(s) Nextablet
Release Date(s)
JP: Fall 2011

NA: Winter 2011

NA, EU, AUS: Fall 2011

Age Rating(s)
E10+ rating
Genre(s) Action-Adventure
Media Included NinTablet Optical Disc
Sixty Four's Adventure 2: The Insane Void is a game for the Nextablet. Utilizing the touch-screen gestures on the Nextablet, SFA2 delivers an intuitive way to play this 3D adventure epic. This game comes just before the events of Sixty's Final Adventure, and is the first Sixty series game with adult Sixty Four. 


Mick Cool, finally revived from his death, regroups with Sixty Four as he heads to The City's store for Amy (read Sixty's Final Adventure). Sixty fills Mick Cool in on the happenings since the defeat of Jayl. Mick Cool then explains to Sixty that the Void has gotten stronger and darker since it was left uncontrolled, and new evil manifestations continue to be produced. Mick Cool continues, explaining the structure of the Void and how it may reach The City soon, because of its continuous expansion. Sixty is not worried by this.

Suddenly, dark purple ropes extend from the bright blue sky and latch onto both Sixty and Mick Cool. As they're being pulled into the air, Sixty notices that no passerby have responded to the attack, and so the ropes must be concealing them and themselves from human eyes. Mick Cool is unharmed by the ropes' power, as he is invulnerable to darkness. Sixty, however, isn't, so he took a great deal of damage from the rope around him.

When Mick Cool and Sixty were finally thrown into the Void, Sixty looked different. A lot different. He was a pale shade of tannish-gray, and his hair's color looked like it had been sucked out by the rope. His eyes were a deep purple-black with no pupils as well. Sixty was a Void Slave, completely at the control of the living darkness. Mick Cool ran from him, dodging fireballs being shot from Sixty's hands.

Mick Cool ran to the Northern Peaks of the Voidcity. He needed to find a source of light somewhere to revert Sixty! They couldn't stay here forever, he thought. As Mick Cool ran past houses and people, a dark-looking monster head peeked out from an alleyway...

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