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Sixty Four
Sixty Four LXIV
Sixty as he appears in The LXIV Saga.
Full Name Sixty Four
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Peace Key City
Height 5'4" (162 cm)
First Appearance The LXIV Saga
Latest Appearance The LXIV Saga
Sixty Four is the main protagonist of The LXIV Saga. He sets off on his journey in The Void, after receiving a message instructing him to find a girl named Amy. A short while after taking this on, he discovers the power of Viridian Voidness.


Sixty Four is shown to be a rather timid young teenager, characterized by his passiveness in the beginning chapters of The LXIV Saga. However, once he initially gains his power and makes friends with Andata and Via, Sixty becomes more determined, and a bit more confident. He is consistently amiable, and can even be quite forgiving in unlikely situations.


Main article: Viridian Voidness

Sixty commands a power known as Viridian Voidness, noted by a bright green-blue (namely, viridian) glow. The primary weapon assigned to this power is the Noble Emerald Sword. Viridian Voidness is considered the counterpart to Crimson Voidness, the power of which Eight possesses.



The LXIV Saga

In The LXIV Saga, Sixty wears a red t-shirt with yellow accents on the sleeves and collar, as well as a gold star emblazoned on the chest area. He also is wearing blue jeans, and gray shoes with blue-toned detailing, tightened with a single clasp. Physically, Sixty is at an average height for his age, has pale skin, messy blonde hair, and cerulean eyes.


Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered




  • Sixty's height, being 5'4", means that he is 64 inches tall.
  • Sixty's iconic outfit (a red shirt with a star emblem, and blue pants/jeans) bears a striking resemblance to the outfit of Steven Universe.
  • The color palette of Sixty's official artwork is highly primary and very bright. This is a nod to the very first images of Sixty Four, in which the colors were taken from the default MSPaint selection, which gave Sixty a very saturated look.
  • Sixty Four was originally created as a self-insert character for creator Dk64rules (tbc). However, in The LXIV Saga, this is largely done away with.



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Voidverse original canon
Sixty Four
Sixty Four 2013
Official Artwork.
Full Name Sixty Four
Current Age Ages in TSFS from 13 to 16 to 19
Gender Male
Location Peace Key City
First Appearance The Sixty Four Saga
Sixty Four is the main protagonist of The Sixty Four Saga. Sixty is a Light Persona, a human blessed with the powers of Light God, Clemethai the Light.==Personality==

Sixty Four has a good-natured personality, but likes to solve problems with his violent powers. He is really nice to his friends and family, but can have a deep hatred for his enemies. He sometimes can be harsh, but it is usually becuase of an intense situation.


Sixty Four has blonde hair, pale skin, light blue eyes, a basic red shirt (with his trademark star), blue pants, and gray shoes with a blue accent.


Amy Cerato

Amy is Sixty's love interest and goes from his girlfriend to his wife during The Sixty Four Saga. Eric Four is their son.

Eight Bit

Eight is Sixty Four's rival, but they become friends after Jayl Cel is revealed as the true Void Persona.

Jayl Cel

Jayl is the main antagonist of The Sixty Four Saga, and he is revealed as the main enemy later in TSFS.


Mikul is Sixty's friend in The Sixty Four Saga, under possession of Clemethai. After Sixty leaves Mikul and therefore Clemethai does as well, Mikul is left with a lust for revenge against Sixty.

Eric Four

Eric is Sixty's son.

Seventy Four

Seventy Four is the previous Light Persona.

Clemethai the Light

Clemethai is the god of Light, giving power to Sixty and all preceding and succeeding Light Personas.


Fantendo: Mosaic

See this.

In this alternate timeline of Sixty's, taking place near the end of where II would be, Sixty is just another resident of the Fantendo Mansion that was invited to a mysterious place by ThE KiNg. In this timeline, Sixty falls in love with Ella Metals, though he hides it somewhat, usually keeping it in his thoughts. This does get him into a rivalry with Teardrop, as he can telepathically sense Sixty's thoughts.

After this, around the time where Eric's Quest I would take place, Sixty divorces Amy (since he is alive), and takes Eric to live with him within the Fantendo Mansion.

Voidverse Future

Sixty Four doesn't actually appear physically in Voidverse Future. However, because Seventy Four does (under his real name, Vincent Altmanti), it could be argued that Sixty's alternate reality self lies in Seventy's because of the events at the end of The Seventy Four Saga. Generationally, it could alternatively be argued that Sixty's alternate reality self is Dyllan Altmanti.


  • Sixty Four has a star on his shirt, but it doesn't do anything. It is revealed in The Colin Four Saga that the star symbol's name is the Solar Star.
  • Sixty does normal teenager things like going to school, playing sports, etc., but none of this is present during his summer quests. In Sixty Four: Outside the Void, this is further explored.