Eight: Ruka, what's going on in there?

Ruka: Oh, just the same thing that's been going on for the last 10 years, stupid!

Eight: Any sign of...a baby?

Ruka: A what?!

Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter I: Could it be Possible?


Sixty Four

Amy Cerato

Eight Bit


Not familiar with these characters? If not, read this and its chapters, then this and its chapters, then come back here.

Part 1: Ruka is Alive

Sixty: Thank you for the sword training, Dr. Diov.

Dr. Diov: Happy to help, Sixty. Next week we'll work on advanced parrying.

Sixty: Okay. See you later then.

[Sixty walks away, unaware of Dr. Diov's concerned face expression.]

Dr. Diov: I don't think he knows of Amy's condition....

[Meanwhile, across town...]

Eight: Come on!

Ruka: No, no, no! I don't take on missions from other people!

Eight: I'll give you a $20.

Ruka: I have no use for money!

Eight: Oh, right.

Ruka: Goodbye!

Eight: Wait! You're not telling me everything!

Ruka: Alright, you wanna know why I won't tell you?! You're a horrible secret keeper! I'm better at keeping a secret, and my brain is half the size of yours!

Eight: Goodbye!

Ruka: Same to you!

[Ruka and Eight hang up on each other.]

Ruka: I should have left my cellphone with that guy who put this curse on me.

Chapter 2: Looking for Answers

Eight: I'll just ask Amy then. I have a way with making her spill her secrets.

[Meanwhile across the street...]

Sixty: How come everybody keeps giving me creepy smiles and thumbs up when I walk past them?

Eight: Hey, Sixty!

Sixty: Eight?

Eight: Yeah, it's me! Do you know if Amy is having a baby?

Sixty: What?! You can't ask me that! And no, I don't know.

Eight: So are you going to ask her for me?

Sixty: No!

[dramatic pause]

Sixty: I'm going to ask her for myself.

Eight: Hehehe....Good.

[Sixty runs off, and Eight stands there, his stance similar to his years ago preparing to fight Sixty in the void.]

Mike the Shopworker: Hey, Sixty! Congratulations!

Sixty: Alright!! That's it! Why does everybody except me know that Amy's having a baby?!

Mike the Shopworker: You didn't see? A cloaked man was walking around the entire city tellin' everybody! I assumed you knew him.

Sixty: ...No...It can't be...

Mike the Shopworker: What can't be?

Sixty: Oh, nothing....

Mike: Mmkay.

Sixty: So, how much are these mangos?

Mike: You hate mangos. I offered you one the other day and you threw it against my bro's head.

Sixty: Not for me, fool. For Amy.

Mike: Amy likes mangos? So that's why...

Sixty: Why what?

Mike: Oh, nothing.

Sixty: Good. Here's your money.

Mike: Thanks.

Chapter 3: Ruka's Confession

Eight: Ruka? Ruka? Can you read me?

Ruka: No, I can't read you, but I can hear you!

Eight: Yeah. Nice one. Anyway, is the baby healthy?

Ruka: Yes, yes. Why do you care, anyways?

Eight: That's to be revealed at a later point in time.

Ruka: Like 9 months?

Eight: Sure. Let's go with that.

Ruka: Eight...I have something to tell you.

Eight: What...what is it?

Ruka: I went up to the surface. And took the moniker "Mike the Shopworker."

Eight: Why?

Ruka: Because I wanted to see how Jayl was doing.

Eight: Jayl?!

Ruka: Yes, Jayl. He was the cloaked man who told you that Amy was pregnant, along with everybody else.

Eight: I shoulda known! Jayl took a massive amount of damage at void, but he'd never die from that.

Ruka: He's on Earth now. Only now. Take advantage, Eight.

Eight: Yeah....yeah! Thanks, Ruka!

Ruka: No pr...problem..!

Eight: What's the matter?

Ruka: I'!

Eight: No! Ruka, don't go!


Eight: No! Ruka, stay alive!

Ruka:,! Y..ou..'

Eight: Ruka!!!

[Ruka dies.]

Will Sixty ask Amy if she is pregnant?

Will Eight meet up with Jayl?

Will the baby handle the nutrients from Ruka?

Find out in Chapter 2.

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