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Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 6: That Unforgettable Ending

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Ruka: There's no way we'll be able to revive Sixty in time!

Eight: The void seems to have....almost killed our energy.

MC's S: This is not how I imagined the final days of Sixty's last adventure.

Ruka: Today may be....his last day in this world.

Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 6: That Unforgettable Ending

Written by Dk64rules


Eight Bit


Mick Cool's Spirit

Amy Cerato

Jayl Cel

Sixty Four

Chapter 1: The Truth Behind Eight

Eight: It's time I told you the real truth of this, Ruka.

Ruka: Now would be a good time.

Eight: Here goes...


Eight: At the end of Jayl's reign of terror on the void, I went to lock up the keyhole.

Eight: Then Dimentio's ghost came to me. He said:

D's G: Eight.....before I leave this world to go to hell, I must tell you something.

Eight: What?, I said.

D's G: Amy will have a baby in three years. But I fear...

Eight: What?!, I said.

D's G: The Bloodslashers she ate might have left a source of dark power in her. If this stays, the baby will be infected with darkness.

Eight: That's not good..., I said.

D's G: When the time comes, stop her from having the baby. It will not be a benefit to this world.

D's G: Goodbye, Eight Bit.

[Flashback over]

Eight: That's why, Ruka, I wanted to know if the baby was healthy. To make sure darkness wasn't effecting him.

Ruka: Eight.....there is darkness in the baby. I'm so sorry, I lied to you the whole time! I'm such a screw-up!

Eight: Wait......I never realized're not in spirit form!! I thought you were dead! You said you wer being digested! On the phone, remember?!

Ruka: Eight....Darkness keeps me alive.

Chapter 2: Dark Lord's Wish

Eight: I knew it!! You side with darkness still!!

Ruka: Don't make this harder for me....I tried to stop Seven..but he was too powerful!

Eight: Wait...

Eight and Ruka: Seven!!

[Ruka and Eight escape the dungeon and appear before Seven, Powerful Darkness Lord.]

Ruka: So, you're a Dark Lord now, huh Seven?

Seven: How did you get out?! And you too, Eight?!

Eight: We realized that we're in it for Sixty. Then we came to stop you.

Seven: Well it's too late! Sixty's burning in the Core now! Hahaha!

Eight: No!!

[Eight knocks Seven down, mere centimeters from falling into the fire and lava of the Core.]

Seven: Eight!! Before you push me over, I have one wish.

Eight: What is it?!

Seven: Don't kill Ruka. He never wanted part of this. Nine was killed in a fire. I killed him because I was angry. Don't do that to Ruka. He's a pure soul.

Eight: Okay...I won't. Now die in a peaceful burn.

Seven: life is complete. No regrets.

[Eight pushes Seven into the fire.]

Seven: Goodbye, Eight Bit.

[Seven dies.]

Ruka: Now let's get Sixty out of the fire!!

Chapter 3: The Saga's End

Ruka: Eight, do you see him??

Eight: No....wait, I do!! Hand me a Fireproof Suit!

Ruka: Ok!

[Ruka tosses a Fireproof Suit to Eight.]

Eight: Okay....and..there! Sixty's fireproof! But, we should get him to the hospital right away.

Ruka: For Amy?

Eight: And his major burns.

[They take Sixty through the portal with them, to the city hospital.]

Ruka: Hurry! He's not breathing right!!

Eight: Okay!

Ruka: Doctor, it's an emergency!!

Doc: Oh, no! I'll do what I can!

3 hours later...

Jayl: Guys?

Ruka and Eight: Jayl!!

Jayl: Where's Sixty?

Eight: In a room. He wasn't breathing right, and he has some major burns from the void core.

Jayl: That's really bad. Amy's having the baby. Right now.

Eight: We have to go!

Ruka: Ok!

Jayl: Right.

[They go into Amy's Room.]

Doc 2: Okay, one last push, Amy!

Amy: Where's..........Sixty?

Jayl: He's-

???: Waah!

[As the baby came out, this was happening.]

Doc: Sixty?! Sixty?!

[The heart monitor starts beating faster.]

Doc: No...Sixty!!

[Sixty dies.]

The End

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