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Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 5: Nearing the End

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Sixty: to get out...

???: Getting out is easy. What's coming next is very very hard.

Sixty: What...Who said-

  • GASP!*

Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 5: Nearing the End


Sixty Four

Eight Bit



Amy Cerato

Chapter 1: Foul Fails

Ruka: Um...does it say she throws up the concoction within 3 hours?

Eight: No, the instructions say she will throw it up within 8 seconds.

Ruka: Well, good to know I spent 2 hours and 52 seconds avoiding Amy for NOTHING!!

Meanwhile inside Amy...

???: Ready to go?

Sixty: As ready as anybody who blessed with a mysterious invisible voice guiding them out of a pregnant woman.

???: He he he...let's go then!

[Sixty is magically transported into....Seven's Void.]

Seven: Hahaha! Looks like you're not getting out of this one!

Sixty: Seven?! What the hell are you doing here?!

Seven: Oh, I rented out the void...see for yourself!

[Sixty looks down upon the changed world.]

Seven: I've got the Northern Convicts, the Western Slums, the Eastern Workhouses, and the Southern Riches.

Sixty: You just switched the directions around!!

Seven: I know. Smart, right?

Sixty: Not really.

Seven: Well, that's not the point. BloodSlashers, lock him up!

[Two BloodSlashers, their flesh torn and scary yellow-red eyes scanning across the ground, take Sixty and lock him in a cage.]

Sixty: How can you lock me up?! I'm stronger than this!!

Seven: Maybe it's because MY void has drained the life out of you!! Whahahaha!

Chapter 2: Saviors of the Savior

Eight: Oh no!

Ruka: What?!

Eight: I can't find Sixty anywhere on this radar-map of Amy's insides!

Ruka: Was he...

Eight: I don' know but we have to look for him!

Ruka: Oh, wait! I see him! He's with Seven in the void.

Eight: The void?! Let's go!

[Ruka and Eight teleport to the void.]

Ruka: Hmm..Sixty...Sixty....oh my god.

Eight: What? What?!

[Eight and Ruka now stare at a lifeless, pale white Sixty corpse.]

Seven: Foolish mortal and gelatin creature! I have drained Sixty's lifeforce, and now there is no one to save!

Ruka: We did all that....for nothing.

Eight: It's as if....he's gone forever. In fact, he is.

Ruka: What will you do with us, Seven?!

Seven: Good question....I guess I'll just lock you in the dungeon.

Ruka: Original. So original.

[Ruka and Eight are sent down into the dungeon.]

Chapter 3: The Climax of It All

Ruka: Hey Eight....have we...wasted our lives?

Eight: What do you mean?

Ruka: Well, you were just a kid that was a big part of Sixty's adventure 6 years ago...and now you're still involved. No college, no dates, no high school...just this. All through your teen life.

Eight: What about the two 3-year breaks in between? I did "normal" stuff then.

Ruka: Yeah, but most of your teen life has been tied around Sixty and Amy.

Eight: I guess so.

Ruka: What is that thing in the cell across from us?

Mick Cool's Spirit: It is I, Mick Cool! Still in spirit form!

Eight: So you're here too. We all end our lives here. Sixty's gone, and now the three of us are going to die here together. Seven has won.

MC's Spirit: I knew I would end my spirit's time in this world near Eight.

Eight: Why, because you thought that I would try to eliminate your spirit?

MC's S: Yeah. I was so stupid back then, right?

Eight: You had every right to think that, Mick Cool. I was pretty evil back then.

Ruka: Not as evil as Jayl.

Eight: Well, yeah that's true. Ha ha.

MC's S: So, this is the end?

Ruka and Eight: Yeah.

MC's S: What an ending.

[The three exhausted forms of life lay down in their cells. The end was a quiet one.]

[Then, Ruka's phone started to ring.]

[And ring.]

[And Ruka answered it.]

[And, after listening to the worried voice on his phone, he spoke.]

Ruka: Guys, that was Jayl. Amy is in labor.

...And that's how the adventure started up again.

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