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Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 4: Trial and Error

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[Eight grabs Ruka by the neck.]

Eight: You can't just let it be over!

Ruka: Gack!....Wh..What am I..Ack!

Eight: Help Sixty!

Ruka: I...c.can't.

Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 4: Trial and Error

Created and Written by Dk64rules


Eight Bit


Amy Cerato

Chapter 1: Nothing More To Do?

Amy: Urggh...

[Eight lets go of Ruka.]

Ruka: At least she's still alive...

Eight: For how long, Ruka? For how long....?

[The front door creaks open.]

Jayl: The Void can help.

Ruka: What?!

Eight: How?!

Jayl: Long ago, in the core of the Void, there was a temple called the Temple of Light. It controlled the Void's size by using light to shrink it. That light can reach Sixty and erase the darkness on him.

Ruka: But...won't it hurt Amy?

Jayl: If done

Eight: Let's try it!

[An earthquake starts to shake the house.]

Jayl: An earthquake?! But that's impossible! We live at least 500 miles from the nearest fault line!

Ruka: It's....the virus.

Jayl and Eight: The Virus?!

Amy: Urggh...

Chapter 2: Meanwhile...

RV: Hahahahahahaha! I have won!

Sixty: Mrrph...Gack!

RV: Oh, need a little more darkness? You got it!

[More darkness covers Sixty.]

RV: I better keep watch on Sixty's foolish friends. They might hurt my chances of fulfilling Seven and Nine's plan...

Over at the Void...

Seven: It's time we check on Ruka.

Nine: I doubt he's done his job.

Seven: Well?

Nine: Well what?

Seven: Get out the freaking cell phone!

Nine: Oh, heh...of course.

[Nine dials Ruka's number.]

Nine: Ruka?

Ruka: Nine?!'s the weather?

Nine: Shut up and listen. Have you done your job yet?

Ruka: Ulp....No.

Nine: WHAT?! How long is it taking?!

Ruka: The virus seems to be slowing down, sir. It used some of it's pure darkness to destroy Sixty.

Nine: failed!! It f***ing failed!!

Ruka: Why?

Nine: Putting darkness on Sixty is like putting oil on the end, the fire becomes stronger.

Ruka: And Sixty's fire?

Nine: Yes.

Chapter 3: Destroying the Virus

Sixty: Urf..huh? I feel...power...

RV: How are you talking?!

Sixty: Strong power...Yes..

RV: Shut up, you son of a-

[Sixty gets up.]

RV: ...Oh boy.

[Sixty blasts the virus's head off.]

RV: Argh....Sorry Seven...

[RV explodes into shadowy bits.]

Sixty: Yeah! Now to get out of here!


Sixty: How do I get out of here?

Over at the house...

Ruka: The tremors stopped...The virus has been killed.

Eight: Great. Now get Sixty out of Amy.

Ruka: Uh......out?

Eight: Is there a problem with that?

Ruka: Kinda....I don't know how to get him out.

Eight: *facepalm*

Eight: Well then, we'll just have to feed Amy the foulest concoction of food ever asembled.

Ruka: Ok.

[They gather up A Foul Concoction of Rotten Food Whose Recipe I Do Not Wish To Remember.]

Ruka: Oh my god...

Eight: Let's feed it to her.

[They give the foul mix to Amy, who eats it without hesitation.]

Ruka: More oh my god...!

Eight: Why do I get the feeling she just had a craving for A Foul Concoction oof Rotten Food Whose Recipe I Do Not-

Ruka: The name is too long to say again.

Will Sixty get out of Amy?

Will Seven be stopped?

Will Amy throw up the Foul Concoction of Rotten Food Whose Name I Do Not-


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