Sixty: ...Mom?


Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 3: Viral Quest

Written by Dk64rules (tbc)


Sixty Four

Amy Cerato

The RukaVirus

Ruka's Spirit

Eight Bit

Jayl Cel

Sixty's Mother

Chapter 1: Dealing with Matters Beforehand

Sixty's Mom: You can't let her eat you.

Sixty: Yes I can. I have to save my baby.

S's Mom: Baby as in her?

Eight: No, baby as in "Amy's having one."

S's Mom: ...What?

Sixty: You mean a cloaked man didn't tell you?

S's Mom: You sent a cloaked man to tell everyone that Amy's pregnant?!

Sixty: No! I'll explain it later, after I destroy the virus in Amy.

S's Mom: ...Fine. Be careful. It must be dangerous.

Amy: Yeah, that makes me feel better. Now I'm a danger to Sixty. Great.

S's Mom: I didn't mean it like that, I meant-

Sixty: Enough talking! I'll be back soon.

Ruka's Spirit: Okay, I'll will now shrink you, Sixty. Oh, great gods, bless this man with a magnificent magnified world by shrinking him!

[A light beam appears, surrounding Sixty in bright light, then, the light fades.]

Sixty: Whoa! You guys are huge!

Eight: Yeah, of course.

Ruka's S: Amy, eat him now. He has 3 hours.

Amy: Ok...

[Amy picks up Mini Sixty.]

Sixty: Guys, this sounded less scary while we were talking about it....

Amy: Here we go...

[Amy lifts her hand to her mouth.]

Sixty: Oh god...

[Sixty falls in.]

Chapter 2: Inside Ruka's World


[Sixty keeps on falling.]

Sixty: It's like a mega drop on a roller coaster!!...


Sixty: ...Right into a pile of goop. Real nice.

[Sixty sees goop and rotting food for miles around...This is definitely Ruka's World.]

Sixty: Where's that virus...

[Sixty hears scuttling around the sides of the world.]

The RukaVirus: Well, well, well, if it isn't the great Sixty Four! I've heard a lot about you, and guess what. You're here, you'll defeat me, but you ain't getting out.

Sixty: And why not?

RV: Cuz I locked the Uvula Rapids a long time ago. You'll either die going through this girl, or die trying not to.

Sixty: ...Do I have a say in this?

RV: Yeah, you can say "My life is over, I'm done for!"

Sixty: about THIS!

[Sixty fires a light beam at RV, RV falls off his fleshy perch.]

RV: You know, you got a lot of nerve coming here and messing up my quiet time!

Sixty: Uh oh, baby's gonna cry to momma! "It's too loud, boo-hoo-hoo!"


[The entire world shakes, and Sixty falls into the "water."]

RV: Behold...MY TRUE POWER!!

[Sixty looks above and notices a dark stream of power coming towards him fast.]

Sixty: Argh! Nooooooo!

[Sixty gets covered in darkness.]

Chapter 3: Meanwhile...

[Amy falls to the floor.]

Eight: What's wrong with her?

Ruka: It appears my winning the battle.

Everyone Else: Gasp!

Eight: No....It can't be....

Ruka: I'm sorry everyone.....this is the end.

Is this truly....the end...?

Read Chapter 4.

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