Cloaked Man (Jayl): Hehehe...My time here is dwindling.

[Amy walks down the street.]

Amy: Hey, who are you?

CM (J): Oh god!

[CM (J) starts running.]

Sixty's Final Adventure Chapter 2: Mango-Tastic Jayl

Written by Dk64rules


Sixty Four

Amy Cerato

Jayl Cel

Eight Bit

Mike The Shopworker's Brother

Chapter 1: Mystery Mango

[Sixty walks in his house which is also Amy's.]

Sixty: Amy? I got your mangoes! Amy?


Sixty: Hello??

[Sixty notices Amy's house key is missing from the key rack.]

Sixty: Out again, are we? She's such a mystery now.


Amy: Wait! Stop!

CK (J): Oh crap she's fast!

[Amy reaches Jayl and knocks him over.]

Amy: Jayl?!?

Jayl: How's it going?

Amy: That's all you have to say to me? How's it going?! What're you doing here?!? I thought Eight locked the void!

Jayl: That mindless child can't lock me in my own place.

Amy: Why are you here?!

Jayl: There's....a loss. A grieving for one of my earthly friends.

Amy: ....I'm sorry for you.

Jayl: No, don't be. Where's Eight's place?

Amy: Down the street, to the left. Big mansion.

Jayl: Thanks. Goodbye.

[Jayl runs off.]

Amy: I wonder if Eight.....died?

Chapter 2: Ruka's Vowed Return

[Amy runs to her house.]

Amy: Sixty! I think Eight died!

Sixty: What?!

Amy: Yeah! I saw Jayl and he told me he had a loss to grieve over and ran to Eight's house!

Sixty: Eight's not dead.

Amy: Then who...

Sixty: It was...

Ruka's Spirit: It was ME!

[Sixty and Amy both turn around to see Ruka's Spirit, a scarred, torn version of his former self.]

Amy: How did I know it was you?

R's S: Oh, you must've felt something after eating that MANGO!

Amy: What?

Sixty: Huh?

R's S: It all started 4 days ago...


R's S: I was all fine in Amy four days ago until she got a craving for mango. Mangoes are rumored to have nutrients that break down things like me. So...

Ruka: Eight! Amy ate a mango!

Eight: And?

Ruka: Mangoes are rumored to have the power to kill things like me! I must know for sure!

Eight: How are you going to find out?

Ruka: ....I can't tell you!

R's S: So, the next day, I became Mike The Shopworker. My brother was Mick Cool's Spirit. Then, Sixty, the 1st time you came to me, this happened...

Mike: We have a wide variety of tropical fruit. Care for a mango?

Sixty: Never! Don't you know those things are like mega digestive juice bombs to some people? I wouldn't be how I am today if I had an empty stomach all the time!

Mike: Oh....ok.

Sixty: However, Amy could use some of those...I'll take 2!

Mike: Ok, thanks.

R's S: As you can see, I am a digestive juice-resistant mass of life. But even the strongest resistant has its limits. That's why I was digested and, in the hideous process, killed.

[***Flashback over***]

Chapter 3: New Worries

R's S: The growing zygote didn't help, either.

Sixty: So you really are having a baby.

Amy: Yeah. I'm sorry I didn't tell you.

Sixty: But it's so wonderful!

R's S: Not quite so wonderful.

Amy: Why not?

R's S: My body was programmed to send a "deadly goodbye" to my host body when I died. So, even though I didn't want to, It happened.

Sixty: Wh....what happened.

R's S: My deadly virus came out. It's probably taking it's roots to suck out the digestive juices from the stomach, mortally hurting Amy and the baby.

Amy: .....

Sixty: Why you little gelatin blob!

R's S: The only way to stop it is to shrink somebody down to edible in one gulp size and have Amy eat him or her. Then the tiny person will destroy the virus inside.

Sixty: ....Dude, are you seriously looking dead at me?!

R's S: You are the only one who Amy will allow to do it. You will do it.

Sixty: ....Fine. I allow Amy to eat me.

[Jayl steps through the open front door.]

Jayl: Very good, Sixty.

[Eight follows behind Jayl.]

Eight: This is something brave to do. I'm surprised, Sixty.

[??? follows behind Eight.]


[All but Sixty gasps.]

Who is ????

Read on to Chapter 3 soon!

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