Before we begin, I'd like to have a bit of a word about Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike.

FSBS was the first project by Sixgon, and it was a bit ambitious. It was a Fantendo crossover game, planned to have about 60 fighters, a story mode, and two new characters. And luckily for me, people were enjoying it. I enjoyed developing it for a time, and at one point it was going to push forward and finally finish; DLC was planned, and a new logo was even coming.

However, as stated before, it was ambitious. I was unfimiliar with Fantendo lore in general, the project was generally large, and it took a lot of time; I kind of just wanted to get it over with so I could do more with Beck. While FSBS is considered "finished" (the official plot details intended to introduce Beck and Tr'p have been confirmed), we all know that it's on an indefinite hiatus. The fans of this preoject were disappointed, understandably. In fact, not too long ago, someone (I think Sroo?) mentioned that they missed the project; people haven't forgotten about this, I guess. I haven't forgotten, either.

Now, it is 2016. While I have yet to fully finish a project, I think I'm ready. The wait is OVER.

[working logo]

Strike working

Fantendo Strike Force is a spiritual successor/sequel/reboot/remake for Fantendo Smash Bros. Strike. I've been considering doing this for a little while, but I was looking for the perfect console. When the Holiday Showcase showed up and I saw the V2, I knew it was time.

Much like FSBS, FSF is a "dream match" between a bevy of Fantendo characters. While not necessarily canon, it will feature a story mode, just like the original.


Since this is much like FSBS, the gameplay is very similar. However, there are some differences.

  • Each fighter now posseses a new ability called a Skill. Skills vary greatly, and can be seen as a 5th special, in a way.
  • Smash Attacks have been replaced by Strong Attacks. They function exactly the same, but there's only one, instead of three.
  • Characters gain their Finisher by filling a Power Meter.

Who's in?

Right now, I can only say for a fact that Unten, Beck, and Tr'p will be playable once more in FSF (Tr'p was the final unlockable fighter in FSBS). However, on the hypothetical side of things, I can say that, while there are some cuts, much of FSBS's roster is coming to Strike Force.

Of course, you guys are the real big deciding factor. A blog will be set up very soon for you to sign up your characters. There is no limit for how many you can sign, and the characters don't need to be a major part of the New Fantendoverse either. Just keep in mind that I have the right to decline your suggestion.

That's about it for now. I hope you guys are excited.

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