Sirenae Koopa
Sirenae Koopa
Sirenae Koopa
Full Name Sirenae Koopa
Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Koopaling
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Vulnerable To The Following;
  • Jumped On
  • Fireballs
  • Iceballs
  • Tanooki Swipe
  • Cat Attacks
  • Spin Attacks
  • Metallic Flower Attacks
  • Music Note Dash
  • Boomerangs
  • Hammers

Sirenae Koopa is one of the Koopalings and is part of a Sub-Group called the Mythical Koopalings. Sirenae is the third youngest of this group and is the most deceptive of the group. She has dominance over the powers of Water.


Sirenae is significantly taller than her two younger siblings; Nereium & Polentam. She is actually the second talles of the seven Mythical Koopalings. She has Light Blue eyes and Bright Pink hair. She wears two Shoulder pads as opposed to wrist bands.

Her Torso is in a heart shape and this pattern is followed down her entire plating. Her shell is Purple in Colour, however the spikes all hook upwards which allows her to maneuver onto and up walls. In addition the base of the shell is thicker than most Koopaling Shells.


Through the various pieces of lore scattered across all the Mario Games, it is revealed that the Mythical Koopalings existed a long time ago, inidicating and confirming their lack of proper relation to Bowser. The Mythical Koopalings supposedly were from 300 years before the present day in the Mushroom Kingdom and originally helped Bowser's ancestors take over the Mushroom Kingdom and its neighbours until they were eventually sealed away in a Grand Star and Bowser's Ancestors were defeated.

Sirenae was a stealthy and vicious conquerer of cities and settlements across the kingdoms, during her attack she commanded a small but very powerful army of Bloopers & Cheep-Cheeps. She was estimated at having captured over 60% of all Coastal & Oceanic Settlements at the peak of her attack. She was known as one of the great conquerers of the time along with Orcus & Draco, interestingly however she mainly focused on Sea Battles instead of Land Battles like her siblings.

Sirenae's end came mere weeks after Vallatus' in which she was captured while relaxing in one of the old Oceanic Ruin Cities and had neglected to account for aerial attacks, which is what happened since due to the lack of Vallatus' army at the time, Sirenae was extremely vulnerable and her capture as the fifth Mythical Koopaling caused a massive shift in the tide of battle as the allied Kingdoms began winning the Sea Battles again.


Due to her ability to manipulate water, she is able to distort her voice to sound like others. She uses this ability to trick people into doing her bidding without their knowledge. She is very cunning and often taunts her siblings and enemies, often daring them to try and beat her.


Like most Koopalings, Sirenae is able to spin rapidly in her shell to perform dash attacks as well as spit fire. Unlike other Koopalings her Fire can traverse through water due to her manipulation of the water.

Sirenae's main ability is her power over Water, this allows her to constrict enemies with water spouts as well as use it to allow her to move more easily, in addition Sirenae is able to meld with water allowing her to alude most enemies and get behind them for a sneak attack of some sort as well as launch herself in this liquid state from water body to water body.

Game Appearances

New Super Mario Bros. Lambda

Sirenae along with the other 7 Mythical Koopalings will appear as Castle Bosses for the 8th to 14th Worlds in the game. Sirenae appears as the boss of the 12th World, Lakitu Palms.

Sirenae interstingly is the first Koopaling to not directly fight the player when they meet, Sirenae instead initially tries to run from Mario using traps in the castle to slow Mario down, however the Plumber soon corners her, forcing her to utilize her powers of Water to meld with the water.

During the battle the player will notice Sirenae's location in the water based on a pink-tone to the water just before she appears, using this the player must wait for her to appear in physical form, and attack her when it is safe. She will also jump from from Water body to Water body forcing the player to duck and jump accordingly.


  • Sirenae is the only one of the seven Mythical Koopalings to have an Eye colour, all the others just have Black Irises.
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