Sir Lore
Sir lore PA
Full Name Sir Lore Pheumaet, Son of Lord Argos
Current Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Family and Relations
Lord Argos
Main Weapon(s) The Sword Desperaux
First Appearance Ultimate End Part 2

Lyx and Phere where in desperate need of help to take down Visor and Theta, with KP Shadow having frozen Ashura and Frost missing, they summoned a knight from the past, Sir Lore was a skilled swordsman and a very powerful sorcerer, he had the ability to make others feel great despair, though he was Visor's cousin, he agreed to help because of what he has become.

Sir Lore also had the ability to re-grow his limbs, through dark magic, that he lost during his battle with Sauron, a prophet with psychic ability, since his time travel, he was able to fly aswell.