Sinwatica Flag
Sinwatica, the trade port
Capital City Zentech City
Largest City New Novia
Language(s) English, Cipherian
Leader(s) The Six Founding Brothers
Government Monarchy
Population 1,279
Currency Page (頁)
Drives on the right side of the road
Abbreviation SW
Included Environment(s)
Sinwatica is a small island country in the middle of the Transcontinental Bay, though politically part of Lumilia, with underwater tunnels connecting it to _____, Sketchiria, and _____.

The country mostly relies on trade, as most of the island is rich in resources. The towns aren't exactly the most safe, persay, but people still come for tourism, as the islands are fairly warm and tropical most of the time.

It was founded in 1727 by The Six Founding Brothers, beings that came from a distant time, and - despite seemingly being normal - are immortal, and have been ruling the country to this day.


The name of the country was formed by Lord Shado, who never explained how it came to him, so the origin of the name is not technically known, though he says it simply "came to him" at some point.


The country was founded in 1727, when the Founding Brothers came to the island from another country, and decided to start life there.

It was originally simply a place for the Brothers to live in private, but Lord Ikarudan saw use in it as a port to other countries, and by association continents. As the island was rich in many types of resources, be it minerals such as quartz and sapphire, or materials such as silk and paper, it would make a good way to populate the island.

Thus, his plan was enacted, and people began to sail to the island as soon as word got out that the island was rich in resources.

The island has started to create new technologies, and has been able to provide energy for itself since 1936.



Foreign Relations



  • Sketchiria - As Sinwatica and Sketchiria are both peaceful countries, they oftentimes protect each other if need be. They also have an underwater tunnel system to one another, which is the prime route of trade between the two. Their main trade is Fire Flowers and Sapphire.
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