Sinterklaas: The Game
Developer(s) Zwarte Piet Studios


Publisher(s) Peppernuts
Platform(s) Wii

Nintendo 3DS

Release Date(s)
November 12, 2012
Single Player

Multi Player Online (Limited)

Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included Wii Optical Disc

Nintendo 3DS Cartridge

Sinterklaas: The Game is a Dutch/Belgian game developed by the Belgian Studio Zwarte Piet Studios. It's published by the Dutch company Peppernuts. The game is developed for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS and the releasedatum is set for November 12, 2012.


It's all about the National Dutch fest Sint Nicolas. At Winter Nights, he puts presents in kid's shoes. But then, on a normal night, Sint Nicolas gets sick and the Zwarte Pieten (Helpers of Sint Nicolas) can't deliver presents without him. His horse, Americo, get's too old to deliver presents on rooftops. There are some serious problems but the presents have to be delivered. You're a new Zwarte Piet, called Groentje. Only you can deliver the presents because you have the power to defeat the powers of the night.


The gameplay is pretty much RPG-styled, but with some minigames and it's kinda kiddy. You don't use a sword as weapon, but Pepernoten (Peppernuts).


The areas are not confirmed yet. But Peppernuts said "It Will Include many famous places, such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Schiedam and Antwerp". Since Peppernuts is only the publisher, its unclear if this is true or not.


At first, the release of the game was set on November 11 2011. But they couldn't get it done before March, and since the national fest is in November, they have to give it out a year later. Also, the engine is made by Ubisoft, which wasn't the actual idea. On July 3 2012, Peppernuts said:

"Development is over for 2 months, the game is playable and ready to launch. It's irritating to wait until November, but if someone wants to test it, you can make a appointment."

Character Art




It's all about this guy.

Has a Staf and a mijter.

Loves Pepernoten.

Dark sint

Dark Sinterklaas

Dark Sinterklaas

Dark Opposite and Brother of

regular Sinterklaas.

Always wants to sabotate

the fest.

Drunk professor layton

Drunk Professor Layton.

In the Game because I like Professor Layton.

And, well, that's it. Oh yeah, he likes

to be drunk.



Groentje is a Zwarte Piet from

Hookie-Pookie Land. Is the newest

Zwarte Piet and likes his work.

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