The Sins of Disaster (called the Disastrous Seven in Japan and Europe and the Seven for short) is a villainous group of seven fallen angels who are the main antagonists in Super Mario: Fallen Planet.


The Sins of Disaster were once a group of angels who guarded the Mushroom Kingdom and serve the Mushroom God. However, when they got obessed by their own power, they feel that they don't need their master anymore and can take care of the Mushroom Kingdom for their own, so they soon rebel against their master's orders. As a huge punishment, their master took away their ability to fly by stripping their wings, make their beautiful golden glows turn dark, black and ugly, and then banish them into an underground prison. The angels soon swore revenge, and blamed the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom for their punishment and attacked them, with most citizens being killed by them. Their former master soon witnessed this, and was able to seal them into separate prisons representing their sins.

Before the game's events, Bowser, who somehow got a lot of strong dark magic, learns about the Sins of Disaster and plans to use them for his plans to defeat Mario, marry Princess Peach and take over the Mushroom Kingdom forever. In order to save himself from Mario, Bowser successfully revives the Sins of Disaster, and with the help of them, he successfully defeats Mario and prepares the marriage, but his plans were thwarted when the Seven betray him, claiming that they no longer need him and they are only meant for destruction, not helping anyone. threatening to implode the whole Mushroom World. The Seven soon brainwashes the Koopa Troop and kidnap Mario's friends to implode the world and kill Mario and Bowser. As a result, Bowser is forced to work together with Mario and Luigi to defeat the Seven for the sake of both the Mushroom Kingdom and Bowser's Kingdom.

According to Rosalina, the Sins of Disaster are one of the most dangerous threats to the Mushroom Universe.


  • Detrux: A red, buff, bull-headed like demon with a lot of white hair.
  • Haetd: A blue, reptilian, sea serpent like demon.
  • Reiji: An orange Satan-like demon.
  • Sednes: A small, dark blue, emo like imp.
  • Avary: A purple, elderly demon carrying a wizard stick.
  • Brutus: A fat, yellow, three horned demon.
  • Jeloce: A green, feminine demon dressed in bat wings.

Personalities and Traits

The Sins of Disaster are fueled with pure negative traits, being vengeful, angry, hateful and jealous. They only seek for destruction to the Mushroom Universe, and would not accept help from others, especially when they betray Bowser.


  • They are the first villainous group which Bowser and Mario had to face against with no official leader.
  • Each member has at least an angel wing on their back, refering to their former angel states.
  • Each members' names are corruption of negative traits, which is as follows: Detrux (Destruction), Haetd (Hatred), Reiji (Rage), Sednes (Sadness), Avary (Avarice), Brutus (Brutallity) and Jeloce (Jealousy).

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