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The runaway beorn.
Full Name Sinon
Current Age 19
Date of Birth May 31, 1996
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Gender Male
Species Beorn
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Caelumkinesis
Element(s) Wind/Air
Ability/ies Caelumkinesis
Sexuality Pansexual
First Appearance Crash Landing
Series Crash Landing
Zeon, Roxan

Sinon is a green Beorn that made his debut appearance in the Fantendo - Drive series known as Crash Landing. Having just accidentally killed an innocent civilian, Sinon boarded an escape pod while living on Zeon, but, after his pod collides with a meteor, it goes off course and crashes on the planet of Roxan, where he finds out about it's terrifying religious customs of sacrifice and meets several odd creatures whom he befriends. Being the primary protagonist of the series, his goal is to somehow escape the planet before he falls victim to sacrifice himself.


Sinon used to be much more then the anxious hero he is in Crash Landing: back when he lived on Zeon, he lived only with his haughty mother. When his mother was inflicted with a severe illness, Sinon had no choice but to steal food and medicine for his parent while she was at their home. This worked for both of them, as his mother's condition improved over time. However, after eventually figuring out that her son has become a thief, she immediately took her anger out on him, to the point where Sinon ran away from home.

Sinon eventually became dependent on thievery for a short time to live: stealing from markets and whatnot to eat and generally survive. However, feeling remorse for his actions, he went back home to talk to his mother again: only to find that she has since passed away, having become sick once more and having had no one to take care of her. The guilt causes Sinon to immediately run.

Two years later, Sinon attempts to steal money from a rich Beorn, only for the beorn to fight back: in the scuffle, Sinon accidentally killed the beorn, and he went on the run from police forces, who arrived after passerbys reported the noise coming from the home. Sinon eventually finds himself in a building holding several escape pods, and, with nowhere else he can go, enters and escapes from Zeon before anyone can catch him.

During a severe reevaluation and a series of nightmares where what he's done comes back to haunt him, his escape pod crashes into a meteor, and is knocked off track towards the gravity orbit of a planet called Roxan. He crash-lands on the planet, the pod destroyed, and, after miraculously surviving, finds himself alone with nothing with him. Desperate to find water, he begins to wander the barren planet, where his adventure in Crash Landing begins.


Crash Landing (Fantendo - Drive series)

Physical Appearance

Sinon, being a Beorn, resembles an anthropomorphic bear: being light green in color, average size for his age and species, and standing on two legs. He has eyes identical to other Beorns, with the sparkle-shaped pupils: he also small, scar-like markings above and below his eyes, almost like lines that cross around his eyes. Sinon, like Hugo Logia, seems to wear regular clothes, something that is unlikee most Beorns: he wears a black cloak complete with a hood, as well as red wristbands and a matching bandanna.


Before his escape to Roxan, Sinon seemed to be calm, collected, and, most prominently, cunning: being a former thief, these were all necessary traits. However, his personality changes drastically when he is forced to leave Zeon to another planet: for the most part, Sinon is a bit nervous about...well, a lot of things, but most particularly the safety of the people he cares about. Considering he gets anxious over a lot of things, he doesn't seem himself as too much of a hero: much more a background character if anything. However, when he or anyone he cares about is in danger, he stops at nothing to make sure they leave the danger safely.


Sinon's most prominent ability is his ability of caelumkinesis—in other words, being able to take control of anything sky-related. While his powers aren't fully mastered, he seems to have decent control over them: he can summon clouds as defensive or offensive objects, he can create strong winds from his hands, and he can even affect weather partially, though, because the process of doing this requires lots of energy and patience, it isn't very practical.

He also seems to be experienced in the weapon department, as he is shown being able to use a pocket knife with almost no trouble whatsoever. This, combined with his surprising skill in agility and hand-to-hand combat, are what's left of Sinon's former life as a thief.









  • Sinon was originally going to appear in the cancelled umbrella known as Sunrise, but the eventual decay of the project made his appearance never come.
  • Sinon has the same birthday date (5/31) as his creator, though they are not the same age, as the year is different.
  • Sinon's name came from the word "sin": aside from obvious joking, it is fitting and in-theme of Crash Landing, as Sinon and co. are fighting against what is seemingly a very religious villain.


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