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Looking for the character? Go to Sinless Devil.

Sinless Devil is a game for the Nintendo Wii starring the character with the same name, Sinless Devil. It's the first game of the Sinless Series. It is planned to be released Summer 2009.


A person so pure that could be called a saint was accidently sent to hell by the King of death, Yamaraj. As he talks to the Lady Sore, the Queen of Hell, she realizes the terrible mistake. After apologizing, she gives him wings (devil wings, which made Sinless a little more uncomfortable). He then is sent to heaven, but because of the body he took he isnt allowed inside. However, Lord Cure, King of Heavens, said that if he could recover the 8 Holy Pieces he could use it's powers to turn into an angel. He then goes into an adventure defeating monsters and helping people to get all the Holy Pieces.


After recovering all the eight Holy Pieces he returns to heaven, but he then discover that the monster he gave his wings to (he traded it for 1 Holy Piece) works for the demon he fought in hell, and they were taking over heaven. The only way to stop them is by using all the power of the Holy Pieces. So he uses it to save heaven instead of using it on himself. All the angels are very happy and Sinless is granted Angel Wings.

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