That moment where we decided we were together... I'm feeling so sappy just thinking about it all! [grins wide]
Sinicini, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 8: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Sinicini Cina Mon
As drawn by Exotoro (tbc), as he appears in GONE into Home Life
Current Age 19
Date of Birth August 20th
Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Zonas, Adexene, going out on adventures, studying, sneaking out, being respectful and kind, attention from others, whistling and humming, personal comfort with her boyfriend and girlfriend, getting off the hook, having things go easy
Telling lies, being separated from her friends, being commanded by her OCD/ADHD at times, feeling left out at times
Main Weapon(s) a nameless whip
Height 5'05"
First Appearance Gone

Sinicini Cina Mon is the deuteragonist of Gone and is one of the various characters of the Zaxinian Lifts timeline, being in the Hisplit universe. She assists Zonas on his travels, although can prove to also be a nuisance from her tattletale personality and dilemma. She is one of Zonas' two girlfriends, the other being Adexene.

As of July 30th, 2017, she is partially owned by Exotoro (tbc) as well.


Sinicini was born and raised in the downtown region of a large city, living with her wealthy family and getting a good education, but one day as Hisplit clouded up with disaster, her family was all murdered (thanks to the father of Zonas) and left her without anyone until the boy came along and helped her fight off and escape the hands of this beast and put him in a corner with the police's assistance.

Ever since, she has been traveling with Zonas and Adexene, both of which she has fallen in love with and enjoys being around.


Sinicini was genuinely the happy-go-lucky, optimistic type until her family was murdered, and from that point on she became kind of more sad and more realistic with her approaches to life. She is not fond of the world of Hisplit as a whole and is always seeking ways to be absolutely happy, finding that in Zonas. Unfortunately for her, she suffers a lot from her OCD, which tells her to always tell the truth, which can put her at several disadvantages against villains and heroes alike.

Relationships with Other Characters


Zonas and Sinicini get along really well, despite Sinicini's "tattletale" personality that would lead her friend into trouble various times. She loves him to pieces and is one of his two girls, enjoying his comfort severely.


Sinicini and Adexene get along well, especially when working together. They were originally rivals, but they got over these negative emotions and both became girlfriends of Zonas simultaneously. Both will do anything for each other now by this point.



  • Sinicini is built off of the old characters "Devee" and the genuinely "cuter" characters snicks made when nearing the end of her time on the AoWiki.

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