Sinapis Lapis
Sinapis lapis
Current Age 22
Date of Birth September 13th
Gender Strongly depends
Species Chocomin
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Snowflake Shurikens
First Appearance Unknown
Sinapis Lapis is a Chocomin residing on the Hisplit planet of the Zaxinian Lifts, living on the streets of Blackstar City as a poor restaurant working. They are a close friend of Black Eyes' following Devina and the Typhoon Resort and occasionally go on adventures with him by night to pull pranks on the citizens of their home town. They are split into two beings, male and female halves, that have different alignments and personalities that give them a wild and dangerous reputation in the Zaxinian Lifts, with many names slain with their shurikens. Sinapis is sneaky and clever and a tricky one to befriend and understand without knowing every bit to them.


As a Chocomin, their appearance is still greatly human but has skin with a cinnamon roll's texture and the color of milk chocolate. At night, Sinapis is a towering lady featuring dark brown skin, standing at 6'07" with whipped cream hair and azure eyes alongside their signature seashell earrings. Sinapis wears a red-and-white stripped sports jacket with a seashell bikini right under it as well as shorts. Despite their sticky appearance, their stickiness is minimal and their clothes aren't overrun with chocolate due to their body mostly being solid. They can, however, control exactly which bits of their body become sticky, able to use this to their advantage mostly with their arms.

In the light of the sun, they lose their femininity and become more masculine in appearance, with flatter hair, a flat chest, and a horrifying look to them that resembles all the abuse that Sinapis took in the past. They wear metallic clothes that cover up most of their body so that their usual clothes wouldn't be ruined.


Sinapis was born to depressed psycho parents, jacked by their father as a baby and again at a younger age. Several body abnormalities due to consistent abuse were formed and due to underage taking of things they're not supposed to be into. Knowing that they were on a road to death, they contacted the deities of the Zaxinian Lifts directly in order to be escorted from their home. Sinapis' parents were both executed for their horrible deeds. Knowing that they no longer possessed the quality to be a pretty young boy, Fandraxono got Zodiez to inject a needle in them, turning them into a chocolatey young female. Sinapis had to learn on how being a Chocomin worked due to their new cinnamon roll texture and also had to learn to not eat themselves when hungry.

Sinapis, however, had a side effect due to Zodiez's wonky injection that caused their appearance to revert to their horrifying masculine look as long as the sun was shining over them. As all of Sinapis' positive and neutral energy was placed onto their female persona as intended, their male self is devoid of joy and purpose and is destructive and insensible as a result. As the sensitive masculine side of Sinapis is only aware of the jackings, they are incredibly destructive under the light of the sun and are unstoppable unless confronted and emptied of energy. Zodiez raised them from the age of six (where they were given the injection) until they were 18, with Zodiez kicking them down to the streets after being sick of dealing with them.

Devastated, Sinapis tried to get back into the deity side of things but was denied access right after their eighteenth party, which became the last one they'd celebrate. They started living on the streets, going out by night and hiding in the shadows when daylight came. Sinapis eventually got a job to use their skills at, working at a Satanic-themed McDonalds restaurant by night to serve chocolate bits from their regenerating body and serve the cinnamon rolls that they also remove physically from themselves. They hate their job and are often shamed and criticized by the demons that work at that place, but as it is the only place where they're allowed to work, Sinapis doesn't plan on leaving despite all of the hatred and disgust.

Black Eyes later found Sinapis working at the restaurant and began attempting to train them into taking control over every inch of themselves while out at night, and slowly began to rework their personality. Right now, Black Eyes and Sinapis are taking the opportunities they have to better the worse parts of themselves and become at least decent people in spite of their troubled pasts, and plan on becoming a powerful duo that's capable of taking on anything and anybody, but their plans aren't concreted quite yet.


Sinapis has an aggressively active personality that's bursting with flavor if referring to their feminine self. In that state, Sinapis is very stable and tends to act quite chill in that state. They're likely to crack jokes or cheesy one-liners and keep close to their friends, and can even get to the state of making out if provoked enough. However, Sinapis prefers to not be involved in relationships and just likes to have "buddies" to do that stuff with. Sinapis is known for occasionally launching dry or rude remarks, but tends to pass off anything thrown towards herself because their endurance is powerful enough to withstand most assaults of language. Sinapis tends to be rather unrelenting with their words: once you get them going on something, it'll be hard for them to stop.

While they can behave nicely, they are known for bickering with people that they strongly disagree on things with, especially in matters involving the Zaxinian government. Disagreeing with them on something major will almost always result in an argument that doesn't stop until Sinapis loses their stability and breaks down or until they win. However, Sinapis is known for these in an unusual way: they are generally cracking jokes no matter what in an argument or even in general conversation. They imply that they do a lot of joking so they keep their cool in an argument and try to get off the topic as soon as possible, and things usually work out well for them in that regard. Sinapis is also known for flirting under heated circumstances as well.

When in their masculine state, they are hollowed of any true personality and become highly aggressive, slashing out with their many abilities to obliterate as many people as possible due to the damage caused to them as a child. They behave in an enraged manner, bang the bits of their body everywhere, and do acts considered masochist in very vein efforts to destroy just a single target. They can only be stopped if hidden away from the rays of the sun or if hit so hard that they just go unconscious.


Sinapis controls the strange custom power known as "Chocokinesis", which allows them to control chocolate, especially the milk chocolate that coats their body. They can form structures with chocolate, such as ropes and fists, to battle opponents or navigate regions. They can also paint over small areas with chocolate, the chocolate hardening very soon so that opponents get their feet glued to the ground or trip over the sudden solid structures. Their self-made chocolate contains a special nutrient that allows them to heal anyone that consumes any chunk of material they rip off of their chocolatey body. They can control the temperature of their chocolate, they can make it really hot, comfortably hot, neutral, or cold. While the cold does not benefit them often, frozen fists of chocolate have proven to hit well.

As their body has many cinnamon roll traits to them, they have another power as a result. They can roll up their entire body, then go forward as a massive "wrecking wheel", able to obliterate many things in their way. While they do not have much steering control while they are curled into such a shape, they can control how fast they move, and are capable of jumping in said form. They only can get out of this form when they are at a full stop or considerably slowing down.

Sinapis is equipped with several abilities that take advantage of the wintery elements that they behold. They can send off the frost collected on their body as a cold wind that actually sticks to opponents, and their frosted Snowflake Shurikens can be used to cut them up nice and well. They can temporarily freeze bits of water and can freeze people upon forcing their hands onto their bodies. Despite being cold, they are not frigid and are really flexible and agile, able to stretch their limbs over long distances and cross over great distances in seconds with their stretching talents.

Relationships with Other Characters

Black Eyes

Sinapis and Black Eyes generally get along and work with one another to ease out each other's issues, and generally do this by sneaking out into the night and creating plans to either scare innocent children or expose adults that least expect exposure. They work well as a tag-team and have little each with one another, although Black Eyes has difficulty steering the aggressive masculine side of Sinapis around in the daylight.


  • Sinapis Lapis is an amalgamate of various TimeStrike/scorpistar characters trapped permanently on the Lapis Wiki, for Athena Hawkins knew that they wouldn't be leaving the wiki anytime soon.
    • Some of their physical attributes and appearance were taken from the hypothetical appearance of Xanadru Rose.
    • The gender changing concept is taken from a character known as Nateah, who changed gender and personality depending on the time of day.
      • The idea of the opposing gender part of the character being evil is what lapis character Crimson Strike is to Athena Hawkins.
    • The general winter theme and Snowflake Shurikens are borrowed from Winter Storm.
    • The idea of the character being a figurative and literal cinnamon roll was inspired by the Chockaroll character, and borrows several abilities from her.
    • The dexterity and long-range style as well as sad backstory were borrowed from the Janie character.
    • Sinapis lives on the streets much like Salvador does, but their occupation was taken right from Shakerina.
    • Sinapis' gooey bits and disappointing past were inspired directly by Rabine.
    • Their unrelenting and occasionally amusing personality were inspired by the Viral character.
    • Their flexibility and agility were taken right from Pandora.
    • Sinapis' hair having a will and mind of its own was taken from the Cornelius character, and their general unluckiness was inspired by Lance.
      • Lance actually has a page on Fantendo, but he has hardly moved past his appearance on the Lapis character which explains his inclusion.

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