It's-a me, Mario!
Universe Mario
Official Debut NES Donkey Kong
Availability Default
Home Stage Mushroom Kingdom
Tier A

Mario is a default character in the PC game, Simple Scrimmage. Mario is Nintendo's famous mascot. His rivals are Donkey Kong and Bowser.


  • Combo 1: Mario punches twice then kicks, just like his normal attack combo from Super Mario 64.
  • Combo 2: Mario starts to punch once then kick twice.
  • Side Attack: Mario does a forward kick.
  • Up Attack: Mario does a spinning uppercut.
  • Down Attack: Mario does a quick sweep kick.
  • Aerial Attack: Mario peforms a sex kick.
  • Neutral Special Variant #1: Fireball
  • Neutral Special Variant #2: Green/Red Shell Kick
  • Neutral Special Variant #3: Oil Tank Toss
  • Side Special Variant #1: Cape
  • Side Special Variant #2: Slaphammer
  • Side Special Variant #3: Boomerang Toss
  • Up Special Variant #1: Super Jump Punch
  • Up Special Variant #2: Launch Star
  • Up Special Variant #3: FLUUD Rocket
  • Down Special Variant #1: Star Spin
  • Down Special Variant #2: FLUUD
  • Down Special Variant #3: Bob-omb Toss
  • Scrimmage Move Variant #1: Mario Finale
  • Scrimmage Move Variant #2: Fiery Metal Mario
  • Scrrimmage Move Variant #3: ???


  • Idle Animation #1: Mario twists his head left to right.
  • Idle Animation #2: Mario takes off his hat and puts it back up.
  • Taunt #1: Mario grows bigger and then shrinks back to normal size.
  • Taunt #2: Mario does his Donkey Kong death animation.
  • Taunt #3: Mario does his death animation from NSMB/NSMBW/NSMBU.
  • Victory Pose #1: Mario spins around and gives a thumbs up to the screen.
  • Victory Pose #2: Mario charges up a punch and launches it to the screen.
  • Victory Pose #3: Mario does his Star Get animation. Sometimes the Power Star will be replaced with a Shine Sprite.
  • Losing Animation: Mario claps his hands.
  • On-Screen Appearance #1: Mario jumps out of a Warp Pipe and says "Let's-a go!"
  • On-Screen Appearance #2: Mario glides through the air and lands on the arena, similar to his animation before starting a galaxy in SMG/SMG2.


Palette Swaps

  1. Fire Mario
  2. Wario costume from PM:TTYD
  3. Waluigi costume from PM:TTYD
  4. Luigi costume from PM:TTYD
  5. Dr. Mario
  6. Ice Mario
  7. Super Mario Bros. costume (unlockable)
  8. Mario Bros. costume (unlockable)




  • TBA