The box art for the game.
Developer(s) EndgameEnterprises
Publisher(s) EndgameEnterprises
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Fighting/Party Fighting

Simple Scrimmage is a fighting/party fighting game which is developed and published by Endgame Enterprises and Fantendo. Simple Scrimmage acts like any other fighting game in the world (actually, it doesn't).


The gameplay in this game is similar to Super Smash Bros. and other fighting games like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, etc. where you and your character face other characters in a fighting manner to determine the overall winner.



Survival Mode is where you play as a character from the character selection screen and can either battle with stocks and health bars. If you fall of the stage or have your health bar fully drained, you lose a stock. Lose all of your stocks, you lose the match and you'll spectate it until the match ends with the overall winner.



Starters are characters that are unlocked when you first start the game. There are 15 starters in total.

Character Description Franchise Special Moves
Mariossbi Mario is back for more battles! Mario can shoots fireballs, use his cape, a leaping uppercut and even use the power of the Lumas to do a spinning attack. SSB Mario Series

Green/Red Shell Kick
Oil Tank Toss

Cape Swipe

Super Jump Punch
Star Launch
FLUUD Rocket

Star Spin
Bob-omb Toss

Mario Finale
Fiery Metal Mario

DonkeyKongSSB4 Please insert Expand Dong. Donkey Kong Expand Dong was created by the remains of Bozni Buddy, the virus of an old computer windows. Donkey Kong Expand Dong can eat bananas expand to attack his nemsis, Mayro. 50px ???
CaptainToadCTTT ??? SSB Mario Series ???

Sonic z knux


Knock knock is Knuckles the Echidna. He was brainwashed tricked by Dr. Eggman about Sonic attacking Demon Angel Island, so he attacks him. However, he gets pummeled and gets brainwashed again told the truth by him. Knux can punch stuff, so he'll break them. Knux in Sonic Boom is not better than the original, so do don't deny. SSB Sonic Series ???
Pit KIU Pit is a demon angel servant of the Goddess of Darkness Light, Palutena. Pit can shoot arrows, use shields, get out a yoyo looking arm and reflect sh*t and use the Three Sacred Treas-wait those were destroyed by Hades nvm. How about a...Great Sacred Treasure gun? Yeah...that would be cool...also cool to fly like him... (even though he can't fly by himself. SSB Kid Icarus Series|Kid Icarus}} ???
Bowser SSB4 ??? SSB Mario Series ???
BowserJrMPIT ??? SSB Mario Series ???
Fukkatsu No F Goku Render Goku is a Sayain that can, turn into a super one, and a super two, and three, and four where his blonde hair disappears for some reason and a god. What is with the Dragon Ball series? Also Goku is so powerful he easily gets pummeled by enemies. SSB Dragon Ball Series ???
SimpleScrimmageIHE Although this guy hates everything, he loves to battle his haters, which is every single character, even me, the manchild of the Internet. IHE can rant about everything and they come to life to attack opponent, even his Scrimmage Move has him having Derek Savage copyright strike him and he somehow can throw it to opponents to kill them instantly. SOCHEAPAMIRITE?! 50px ???
SammyClasicSonicFrick WHEN WILL YOU LEARN, WHEN WILL YOU LEARN, THAT THIS GAME HAS CONSEQUENCES?! When will you learn that this is me irl SSB Sonic Series ???
190px CMUN STEP ET UP! Sanic is so fast not even I could run slow. SSB Sonic Series ???










  • This game was originally titled as Smash Bash.
  • Mii Brawlers, Swordfighters and Gunners are now called Mii Scrimmagers, Swordwielders and Sharpshooters respectively in this game.