Simon Conley
Full Name Simon Barnaby Conley
Current Age 19
Gender Male
Species Human
Location St Andrews, Scotland
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Turnstiles
Ability/ies Athletic
Nationality 25px-Flag of UK-1-
Ethnicity Caucasian
Height 5'7"
SiCo (stage name)
First Appearance TBA

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Simon is a human from Scotland. He is an EDM artist who likes to do whatever he is given.


Simon is a short 19-year old male with short brown hair. He wears a red jacket with a grey shirt underneath, blue jeans and pink trainers. He also wears a baseball cap, and has headphones around his neck.


Simon was born in Scotland, to a teacher and a soldier. He moved to Glasgow when he was 14 and was raised there for a couple of years. During his time in Glasgow, Simon started to work on music. He was unready for what was to come, as his fans stretched from just his friends to people in the US, then eventually worldwide. He moved to Seattle when he turned 18 and moved down to San Francisco a year later, where he met a few people. He has worked with these people to protect the city.


Simon is a focused man who likes to get to work as soon as he is told to do things. He works hard and doesn't like backing down.


  • Simon was going to be a character in Jess' Quest, but was removed.