Simon Bellamy
Simon bellamy
Simon on community service
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Wertham
Current Status Dead
The Community Centre
Family and Relations
Unnamed sister, Sally (ex-girlfriend), Jessica (ex-girlfriend), Alisha (girlfriend)
Main Weapon(s) Door handle
Ability/ies Invisibility (formerly), Desirability (formerly, while on ecstacy), Power Immunity, One-Way Time Travel, Foresight
Ethnicity White
Height 1.73m
Superhoodie, Barry, Conti, Melon Fucker, The Invisible Cunt, the Pussy-Meister
First Appearance S01E01
Latest Appearance S03E08/Erazer/S02E04
I've always had a set of balls, you've just never seen them.
Simon, S02E01

Simon is a shy Community Service Worker, who was fined for attempted arson after being bullied and put on community service. After the storm, Simon developed the power of Invisibility.


Super Fighting World

Simon appears as an unlockable playable fighter in Super Fighting World.

Misfits: Wertham Warfare

Simon appears as a standard character in Wertham Warfare alongside the four other members of the ASBO Five and Rudy.