Simon on his motorcycle.
Full Name Simon
Current Age 18
Gender Male
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero
Family and Relations
Bouncer (Best friend)
Main Weapon(s) Array of guns
Latest Appearance Fantendo: Playing War
Simon is a character who first appeared in Fantendo:Playing War as a main hero, along with Bouncer.


Simon had been made fun of for most of his life for being "emo", or so he says. At 16, he ran away from home and was encountered by Nick, who gave him a mission to work for him and escort Bouncer to Area 51. With nothing left to lose, Simon accepted the mission.


Simon is a man with black hair and a handsome-looking face. When on his motorcycle, he is usually seen with a red motorcylist's helmet that goes over his face. At all times, he is seen with a tight leather jacket on with no sleeves and skinny jeans.


Like Strafe, Simon has a "doesn't take anything from anyone" attitude, making him an almost perfect example of an anti-hero. Though being sort of "emo", like everybody said in his past, he still has a heart of gold and is very friendly.