Simcity 2014
Simcity 2014
Clover Entertainment
Developer(s) Clover Entertainment
Publisher(s) EA
Platform(s) Xbox One

Playstation 4 Wii U PC

Release Date(s)
July 3rd, 2014
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) City builder, Simulation,
Series Simcity
Media Included Disk

Simcity 2014 is a city building game that is in development by Clover Entertainment. It will be released on July 3, 2014, for Playstation 4, Wii U, and PC. It will feature several revoultionary innovations in the world of Simcity that go beyond just being a mayor.


Simcity 2014 features the usual Simcity stuff. You are a mayor of a city that you can name whatever you want. You need power, water, and zones in order for Sims to move in to your city. There are 3 types of zones: Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Unlike the previous Simcity games, you don't have to build all 3 in one city. You can different types of cities. You can create a cleaner city consisting of just commercial and residential, or you can build an industrial town designed specifically for creating jobs right next to the previously mentioned style.

But, in order to do that, you have to connect both cities via a highway so traffic can get into that city. In order to make larger buildings, you need to increase land values, using parks, police stations, schools, and fire stations and hospitals, (these also keeps Sims safe from crime, fire, and stupidity) as well as have as many Sims in your city as possible.There are new innovations to increase your Simcity experience. Rather than focusing on one region, you can create cities with an entire planet as your base. Now, you can get one continent to trade goods and stuff with another. But, in order for that to work, you need to build airports or seaports to connect continents and countries to one another.

You can arrange the continents in any shape and size you want in the return of God Mode, last seen in Simcity 4. God Mode has been completely revamed. Your cities now react to certain changes in the city. You can now control the weather to see how your sims react. If you make it really hot and create heatwaves, you can see Sims fan themselves or go in the pool. Sims also react to disasters, and you can see them clean up the destruction of the town, so now instead of having to bulldoze every building, the Sims will rebuild their own city like how people would in a real disaster. Watch rescue missions go on after a disaster.

Disaster Mode is back, and also connects with God Mode. You can unleash disasters on the city to cause destruction. Giant monsters and earthquakes return, but there are new disasters as well, such as tsunamis, giant robots (last seen in Simcity Creator), and more. You can also import your Spore creature from the game, Spore, and use him as a giant monster to smash your city. Sims also react to monster attacks, unleashing the army to try shooting at him, something that never happened in the previous games.

Landmarks also make a return, and this time, they actually effect how your city will look. If you place the Tokyo Tower in your city, it will have a Japanese style. If you place Big Ben, it will look British. There are 16 landmarks to use in the game.

Online mode is back, but whereas in the 2013 game it was required to be online, in this game it's optional. Build a city with a friend and trade with them.


Name Image Description
Residential Residential This is where homes will show up for Sims to live in. You can't have a thriving city without these. They're that important.
Commercial Commercial This is where Sims will go to buy stuff to keep them happy. Without commercial zones, the city would be just plain boring.
Industrial Industrial This is how Sims get jobs to earn money to buy things in commercial zones. While these aren't required in one map of the continent, they are needed for the map next to it so Sims can still have nearby jobs.


Name Image Description
Low Density Street Low density street This is going to be your go-to road when starting a new city, especially in the residential sections. Most of you probably live on these types of streets in real life. They're extremely cost-efficient, but they have a low top speed for cars compared to other road types. They're perfect for low-density residential zones.
Medium Density Street Medium density street This is the largest-density road that still uses stop signs rather than stoplights. Best used for medium density residential zones, these make fantastic "main streets" for any new cities, especially to connect residential sections with industrial sections to keep the former from suffering the smog of the latter.
High Density Street
High density street
These roads will likely be your main end-game road for your skyscrapers. All Zones can benefit from them, but you'll want to wait until your population and income can support it.
Medium Density Avenue Medium density avenue

This road type acts as a main street for your established towns. Early towns can use them for centralized commercial zones as well. Due to their cost, you'll want this road type to be used for zones, rather than simply a long road connecting sections of zones.

High Density Avenue High density avenue

This is the main street for sprawling cities of high populations. It's unnecessary for connection sections of your city, but essential for any central area of your towns (Think Times Square in real-life New York City.)

Essential Buildings

Name Image Description
Power 468px-Simcity-131 Electricty is the only thing separating your city from a lawless wasteland of terror. As fun as that may sound, you're a mayor, not a post-apocalyptic hero, and your citizens look to you to keep the lights on. Power is costly, especially in large amounts. Though you can buy power from your neighbors, it's likelier to be cheaper in the long-run to buy a power plant of your own. Of course, it's your only option when starting a new town in a new region!
Water 400px-Simcity water tower Water is one of the necessities of life. Sims, businesses and industries need water to function. Without a continuous supply of water, Sims will leave and buildings will close down. Building a water pump or water tower on a ground water reserve will supply the city with water. Ground water can be polluted by and other ground pollutants. Polluted water can cause Sims to become sick. Construct your water towers away from Garbage Dumps, Sewage Outflow Pipes, and Industrial Zones
Police 400px-Simcity police station

Crime can lower a city's value and reduce the happiness of its citizens. If left unchecked, criminals can commit murders, robberies and arson. A police force is needed to patrol the streets and arrests these criminals. Police force will not only actively arrest and imprison criminals but also passively reduce crime rate.

Health 400px-Simcity hospital 2

Sims can get sick. Sickness leads to injuries and injuries lead to deaths. Injured Sims will die unless they are rescued by ambulances. Sick Sims are unhappy, they will stay home from work and can get evicted from their places of residence. Clinic can be constructed to treat sick and injured Sims in a small city. A Hospital is needed to keep a city with large population healthy.


468px-SimCity School (1)
Keep younger Sims off the streets and provide your residents with education for a brighter future. Some more advanced modules, businesses, and industry require higher education before they can be earned. There are two types of education—Schools and Colleges.


Name Image Description
Monster Spore Creature Creator-s16 Monsters are one of the most loved disasters in Simcity history. This time, you can take a Spore creature you create in the video game, Spore, and import him into Simcity, and summon him to tear apart your city.
Tornado 468px-Sim city tornado Unleash a swirling vortex of wind and watch it tear through the city, sucking up houses and cars. It can completely obliterate houses, but it only damages skyscrapers a little.
Meteor Strike 468px-Simcity2

Harness the power of a harmonic convergence and planetary alignment to unleash a devastating rain of fiery space rocks. Y'know for funzies. Meteor strikes causes everything in a small radius of land to be destroyed. Occasionally, they can cause radioactive fallout in that same area.

Bet you didn't know there were faultlines under your city, huh? You can unleash an earth-shaking tremor on your city that will obliterate any buildings within the shockwave radius.
Tsunami Tsunami This is a very powerful disaster. It'll flood streets and level buildings. However, it can only be used if you're building near the ocean.