Simallow's Appearance
Full Name Simallow the Fluffy
Current Age 3
Gender Genderless
Species Marshmallow
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Height 0.92m
Simallow is a small Marshamllow creature born from the Giant Flying Oven known as Quazeat. Simallow like his many siblings is made from converted material Quazeat picks up and converts into a soft sugar substance, Simallow unlike their siblings was not kept on Quazeat to maintain it however as Simallow had developed sentience allowing it to act freely. Simallow has therefore become a wanderer of sorts, seen across various planets mainly acting as a baker for their various employers.


Simallow like many of its bretheren is a small creature with extremely soft skin and no apparent internal organs, it has thin arms which developed while it was being heated, in addition Simallow has four crests indicating its sentience, it is believed that Simallow has four brains, one in each crest. Simallow has golden coloured eyes with no pupils. Other than that Simallow has a rather plain appearance although thanks to its soft skin and lack of internal organs, Simallow is able to manipulate its mass into different parts of its body.


Like many young, yet sentient Marshamallows, Simallow is forever curious always discovering new information which it relays back to Quazeat via a communicator. Simallow tends to be very friendly towards anyone it meets and also as it seems to lack nerves doesn't feel pain. Simallow is also extremely innocent and has a complete lack of understanding towards Work, War and Finances as it has only been told the minimum to survive. As such Simallow has developed its own personality through contact with others learning off of them and educating itself in such a way, Simallow seems to willingly dispose of older personality traits when newer ones seem more favourable, making it a bit hard for some to stay friendly with Simallow due to its constantly changing view on subjects.


Simallow was the first Marshamallow in 28 years that Quazeat had successfully gifted with sentience, Simallow spent its first 3 hours alive learning what it's objective was and how to survive long enough to complete said objective. After which Simallow was dropped off at the Floating Rocks of Errg which had since been chained together by the marketplace that had grown on them. Simallow took up a job as a Baker for a bakery in the Marketplace and used this occupation to gather intelligence on species that visited as well as basic cooking abilities and other abilities thanks to the surrounding shops. Simallow completely unaware of the how payment was supposed to work accepted payments in sugar from his employer to keep his mass at normal levels. After some time however, Space Pirates attacked the Marketplace causing many traders, Simallow included to flee in Escape Pods. From this ordeal, Simallow landed on the planet Cream Pi where he would quickly blend in with the normal species of the planet due to them all being dessert based creatures. Simallow has to this day continued to live on Cream Pi where his fate is undecided.


  • Simallow is the first character to link the Fantendoverse to Luxmors Bastion by direct correlation as Cream Pi is the home planet of Emperor Uberry
  • Simallow attempts to heal the wounds of others by sticking their hands on the wounds as he doesn't understand that other species don't heal in the same way he does
  • Simallow has on at least six occasions liquified due to intense heat, one of which was during his flight in his escape pod which flew very close to a Red Giant