SimCity X, otherwise known as SimCity 6 or SimCity 2017 is a city-building and urban planning game created and developed by Maxis and SeventhHeaven for the PC, Linux, PS4, Mac and Wii U. Like SimCity 2013, two modes; multiplayer and single, have been created, if the player wishes to create a metropolis with other players, they can use the multiplayer function to do so. SimCity X reintroduces terraforming as an alternative to pre-made worlds like in SimCity 2013, although pre-made worlds are still playable, except only in multiplayer mode.


Single Mode

SimCity X Single mode allows the player to immerse themselves in to a selection of hundreds of different city-building and urban planning options, such as zoning RCIA, road placement, public services, public transportation, entertainment, culture and education. Players take the role as the mayor of the city and can change the government's budget as well as having to maintain population, happiness, health, employment, pollution, traffic and equality.

In single mode, players begin with a huge plot of land- equivalent to about 160km by 160km - which they can change and ultimately terraform the entire area to however the player wants the land to be, this is known as region view. Furthermore, in region view, after the land has been customized, you can place rail, highway/freeway, subway, cablecar and airports. The player must then select an area to begin the city, out of the forty 4km by 4km squares on the map. Once the square has been chosen, the player can begin building the city. 

As the player expands their city, more items become unlocked, such as art museums, territorial army centres, colleges, toxic waste dumps, greenhouse projects, convention centres, space centres, shopping malls and so forth.

Unlike multiplayer mode, modding is allowed in Single mode.

Multiplayer Mode

In SimCity X, Multiplayer mode is a mode exclusive to the Wii U, PC and Mac versions of the game. The player(s) are given a plot of land about 40km by 40km to build on. This land is randomly generated and can not be modified. Each player will take a 4km by 4km piece of the land and develop it so that they can help each others cities prosper. All unlockable items from single player are locked in multiplayer mode, until the region reaches 30,000 citizens, when everything becomes unlocked for all the players in the region.


Ploppables are buildings which do not require zoning or construction. Ploppables are made as soon as you put them on the map. Residents in your town will have the oppurtunity to work at most ploppables, with the exception of parks and decorations. Ploppables can be utilities, or city specialization.

Power and Electricity

In SimCity X, and all other SimCity games, to get electricity, you must first have a power plant. A power plant will not be cheap but in most cases will keep your city full of electricity until your population reaches new heights. Some power plants can be very large polluters and can affect the water and air with the pollution it releases, and other power plants will pollute the air with radiation.

Some of the power plants in SimCity X have to be unlocked, with  the Hydroelelectric and Fusion power plants being the two that must be unlocked. For the Hydroelectric Power Plant, there must be a flowing-water source in the region, as well as a population of at least 30,000 Sims and an science level of 300. For the Fusion Powe Plant, you must have at least 140,000 Sims and a science level of 750.

  • Wind Power Plant - 8,000§
  • Solar Power Plant - 10,000§
  • Coal Power Plant - 19,000§
  • Oil Power Plant - 27,000§
  • Hydroelectric Power Plant - 56,000§
  • Nuclear Power Plant - 90,000§
  • Fusion Power Plant - 120,000§

Water Services

Water is a necessity for all cities. Water pumps and water towers are cheap and easy way of getting water quickly to your city. The water treatment plant is made specifically for highly-industrial cities, where the water supply may have been polluted. The sewage treatment plant can also provide the city with water, if a purifier is added on. Lastly, the desalinator can be used to desalinate water so it is drinkable. It can be unlocked by having a population of 80,000 Sims, a science level of 300 and a Mayor Rating of at least 53%.

  • Water Tower - 1,000§
  • Water Pump - 2,000§
  • Water Treatment Plant - 45,000§
  • Desalinator - 70,000§


The Sewage aspect of SimCity X is a key aspect of the game. Sewage ultimately determines the cleanliness of the city. In areas with extreme poverty, open sewage lanes will flow into rivers, lakes and oceans, poisoning the water supply and creating illness around the city or region. A succesful sewage system will prevent any waste from polluting water sources.

Not only do your citizens need water, but they also need a way to deal with sewage. There are two buildings that can handle sewage: outflow pipes and sewage treatment plants. Both facilities must be place on a water source and be connected to the water supply network. Drain pipes simply dump raw sewage into the ground and can quickly cause massive amounts of ground pollution.

  • Sewage Pipe to Outflow Pipe - 5§
  • Sewage Outflow Pipe - 1,000§
  • Sewage Treatment Plant - 60,000§

Rubbish Disposal

If there's one thing your citizens like to do, it's produce garbage. All the people in all the buildings in your city, public and private, will produce garbage that needs to be disposed of, either in a landfill or at an incinerator. Every building will have a level of garbage accumulation (viewable in the garbage interface). If this level gets too high, then you will be notified that "the garbage has piled up". If left unaddressed, this can cause a building to become abandoned.

  • Landfill Zoning - 2§ per square metre
  • Special Landfill - 4,000§
  • Recycling Centre - 26,000§
  • Incinerator - 50,000§

PST Education

PST Education, or primary, secondary, tertiary education is the process of educating for a specific reason, or to a specific audience, such as children, teenagers, disabled people or young adults. The next form of education, which succeeds PST education is communal education.

  • Primary School (Elementary School) - 16,000§
  • Secondary School (High School) - 38,000§
  • Private School - 39,000§
  • Pre-School/Nursery/Kindergarten - 40,000§
  • Community College - 47,000§
  • University - 120,000§
  • School for the Disabled - 125,000§

Communal Education

  • Community Library - 3,000§
  • City Library - 9,000§
  • Museum - 18,000§
  • Art Museum - 28,000§
  • Large Museum - 80,000§
  • National Library - 114,000§

Fire Prevention

In order to stop fires from occuring, you can plop fire prevention. Your city needs Fire Houses and Fire Stations to keep it safe from fires. Accidents may happen, and that is why firefighters are needed. Fire Houses and Fire Stations will decrease the Fire Hazard in your city as they always have a number of Fire Engines prepared for dispatch in case of emergency.

  • Community Fire Station - 20,000§
  • Large Fire Station - 50,000§
  • Citywide Fire Station - 120,000§
  • Fire Department Landing Strip - 120,000§
  • Fire Prevention Service - 130,000§

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services like Medical Clinics and Hospitals will keep your citizens more healthy and take care of the sick. Healthcare services have ambulances that will transport sick people to clinics and hospitals for treatment. If an ambulance is not available at the moment, the citizens will try to walk to the closest clinic or hospital.

  • Clinic - 8,000§
  • ​Small Hospital - 60,000§
  • Large Hospital - 80,000§
  • Disease Research Centre - 110,000§
  • Medical Centre - 120,000§

Deathcare Services

  • Cemetary - 10,000§
  • Crematorium - 14,000§

Police Services

  • Police Kiosk - 200§
  • Community Police Station - 11,000§
  • Large Police Station - 77,000§
  • Detective Unit - 77,000§
  • City Penitentiary - 80,000§



  • Regional Bus Station - 20,000§
  • Metropolitan Bus Station - 20,000§
  • Bus Stop - 50§

Tube (Metro)

  • Tube (Metro) Station - 1,000§
  • Tube (Metro) Line - 40§
  • Tube Depot - 60,000§
  • Elevated Rail Station - 1,000§
  • Elevated Rail Line - 40§
  • Tube to ER Ramp - 1,000§


  • Monorail Station - 25,000§
  • Monorail Line - 44§
  • Monorail Depot - 60,000§


  • Train Station - 27,000§
  • Central Train Station - 55,000§
  • Train Line - 50§
  • Industrial/Cargo Train Station - 10,000§


  • Streetcar Avenue - 1,000§
  • Streetcar Line - 10§
  • Streetcar Station - 500§


  • Car Ferry Terminal - 10,000§
  • Passenger Ferry Terminal - 11,000§
  • Cargo Ferry Terminal - 12,000§

Cable Cart

  • Cable Cart Line - 3,000§
  • Cable Cart Station - 4,000§



  • Shakespeare's Globe, London - 30,000§
  • Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C. - 35,000§
  • Tokyo Tower, Tokyo - 40,000§
  • Notre Dame, Paris - 45,000§
  • CN Tower, Montreal - 50,000§
  • The Living Mall, Taipei - 55,000§
  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore - 60,000§
  • One World Trade Centre, New York - 65,000§
  • ​Umeda Sky Building, Osaka - 70,000§
  • Al-Shaheed Monument, Baghdad - 75,000§
  • Taj Mahal, Agra - 80,000§
  • Burj Al Arab, Dubai - 85,000§
  • Eden Project, St. Blazey - 90,000§
  • Bird's Nest Stadium, Beijing - 95,000§
  • Uluru, Alice Springs - 100,000§
  • Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh - 105,000§
  • Bank of China Building, Hong Kong - 110,000§
  • The Atomium, Brussels - 115,000§
  • ​Palm Jumeirah, Dubai - 120,000§
  • The Shard, London - 125,000§
  • Empire State Building, New York - 130,000§
  • Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo - 135,000§
  • Mont St. Michel, Normandy - 140,000§
  • Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur - 145,000§
  • Timbuktu, Timbuktu - 150,000§
  • Space Needle, Seattle - 155,000§
  • Shanghai World Financial Centre - 160,000§
  • Torre Agbar, Barcelona - 165,000§
  • Burj Khalifa, Dubai - 170,000§
  • Kingdom Tower, Jeddah - 175,000§
  • Arcology - 180,000§

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