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For deceiving me and everyone here, and for breaking my girlfriend and therefore my heart... [leans his head down] I will destroy you, sister.
Silver, Shadows of Mallory, Chapter 13: Deep Down in the Lost and Found

Silver Zin
(1026, born April 15th)
6'04" Neutral
81 lbs ️ Hetero

The Unenthusiastic Protagonist

The Ultimate Dictator

The Silver Shadow


Summer Dayz

NAME Silver Orion Zin; goes by Silver
WEAPON Mind Weaver
POWER SPECIALTY Darkness (see here for more)
ALIGNMENT Resistance (member)
Mostly self-guided
OCCUPATION(S) Resistance benevolent half (currently)
Lord of the Shadow Cage (initially)
Ruler of Zaxina (initially)
FAMILY Mallory Zin (sister)
Zodiez (mother)
Black Eyes (temporary father)
Valerie Heartgold (step sister)
RELATIONSHIPS Whiskey Lager (2nd girlfriend)
Crymsia Rose† (1st girlfriend)

Crymsia Rose, Whiskey Lager, Jezebeth, Zellen, his half of the Resistance, the taste of victory, a fair fight, spending time with close friends, seeing people grow and change for the better, overcoming challenges, studying the stars and constellations, listening to emo music, praying to "Orion", reading sci-fi books, being bitten, sleeping soundly, bathing in hot tubs, swimming in shallow depths, discussing dreams and nightmares, putting ends to evil eras

food: tagliatelle with bolognese sauce, manicotti, lasagna, jota, chips and salsa, beef-filled burritos, al pastor tacos, nachos, caldos, tortas, angel's wings, hell's ramen, kraken stew, nocturne burger, salad-rolled kraken, squid chowder, root beer, dr. pepper, black wine, valerian martini


Queen Mallory, her associates, getting defeated in do-or-die battles, being treated as legendary, most types of vegetables, highly inappropriate atmospheres, talking about puberty, his crippling depression, attempting to resolve others' issues, people teasing him, fast music, pop music, the stench of restrooms, being up high in the air, swimming in deep water, body hair and facial hair


Silver Zin (known for a while following "reawakening" as Silver Heartgold) is a key figure in the lore of the Zaxinian Lifts, being the heart of its cast and also being deeply rooted into the overall story, starting from The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster. Silver is an immortal of incalculable power, fueled by the power of long-dead ancestor Orion and the gift of power itself, being granted strength in infinite numbers. He was the king of the Shadow Cage when his maximum potential was realized and broke it free from imprisonment, and also was the one responsible for morphing the old world of Zaxina into the Lifts that are known in the present day. He is unaware of all of his holy beginnings, having lost those memories from a hard impact that put him in a deep thousand-year sleep, though as of Shadows of Mallory he is slowly regaining that information about himself. He is a Shadow human, much like his sister Mallory Zin.

Born with the rare genetics that would already make him into an indestructible god of power, Silver grew up in a rich household and trained his powers with the Fandraxorcist, who temporarily played as his father, and Zodiez, who remained his mother until the Battle of Zaxina. He foresaw through his first stepfather's selfish plans to keep the then-locked up Shadow Cage in that state permanently and murdered him in the explosions that would end up setting the cage's people free, and played a huge role in the War on Zyvoline. He then defeated that colossal god in an almighty battle, rendering him victorious. After Zaxina - what the Zaxinian Lifts was before - went unstable, a supernova-powered explosion hit Silver directly in the gut, knocking him unconscious and forcing him into a sleep he couldn't foresee. Fandraxono, who separated from Zyvoline, then wiped everyone's memories of the incident as part of a timeline reset, though some could resist the raw power of the forgetfulness waves.

He was soon woken up from his long slumber, pulled to his senses by the likes of C.O.T.S. as well as Valerie Heartgold, who he quickly confused to be his own sister due to her name's pronunciation being nearly identical to Mallory's. He lost every memory regarding his past, but retained his impressive powers and expressive vocabulary. His interests had not changed much, with much of his time spent stargazing or engaging in personal experiments, although he expresses no control in dominating or controlling empires as he once had, instead sharing his concerns about the weakening state of the Lifts and the great evils entering it and threatening it big-time. He seems to be lost in his thoughts often and tends to come off as easily annoyed or angered, preferring time to himself or tending to his current wife. He remains mostly isolated, in spite of his great relationships, as he is generally afraid of being around people.

Due to him being a Herald, no alternative universe alternations of him exist. This means that this Silver Zin is the one and only in existence. To read over his role and significance in the Zaxinian Lifts, which aren't documented here, you can read them here.

Physical description

Silver is an exceptionally tall Zaxinian Kittuman, boasting devil's horn-shaped elf ears, an unfurled black mess of hair, and a very frail figure. Silver has pure white eyes, with dried blood hanging under them to hand off the impression that he's more than capable of standing a fight. Silver's white eyes pose as an organic screen for his hidden red irises, which hide behind a mask so that enemies cannot tell where Silver's pupils are pointing to at any moment. Silver has a jaw that can unhinge to eat food that would otherwise be too big for his mouth to handle, and also has a strong skull that can easily survive any collisions or hits taken to it, provided the energy is not too tremendous to do such. Silver's body looks weak and malnourished underneath his unusual red-and-grey robes, with his ribs visible and his lack of fat making it easy to touch and feel his bones. Underneath his robes are a typical white shirt with a tie and a standard pair of grayish pants with a belt. It should be noted that on Silver's bare backside is a huge red tattoo of an inverted cross; it's there upon Silver's request prior to his big battle with the ultra god Zyvoline as a way of showing his great disgust towards said deity.

As he was birthed with a somewhat androgynous body, Silver is not particularly male nor female anatomically. This can be seen in his wispy, raspy voice that is not too high nor too low, and can also be seen in his crotch, which is that of a man's in spite of his body completely lacking body or facial hair all around. He retains several tufts of hair on his head, however, making them the only types of hair to grow across his entire body. Silver's skin is so smooth that if you were to poke him or touch him in any way, there's a good chance your fingers would simply slide down his slick, almost oily clean skin. Even though Silver has a smoother, more rounded out face than that of most men's, just how wrinkly and cross his face can look can make his face look very masculine and downright intimidating. His interests do not necessarily pander to either of the male or female genders as well, simply being interested in deep thinking and the depths of space above all other activities, not necessarily fitting into the male or female demographics all that well. In spite of his androgynous body, Silver prefers male pronouns, as he grew up as a boy and firmly sees himself as a man, though he admittedly likes to question what being a woman would be like for him.

Other features of Silver's anatomy include:

  • Silver's eyes present to him a unique sort of vision exclusive to that of shadow humans like himself. His eyes see almost everything in infrared vision when he's focused, but everything that is something he is trying to focus on will appear in full, precise color. He will see targets, projectiles, and destinations in full color while everything else around him is a blurry infrared mess. When Silver is unfocused and isn't concentrating on anything super important, everything will otherwise appear in full color. Instincts he can feel in the cerebrum of his brain let him detect abnormalities in his surroundings; when this occurs, his vision will immediately become infrared.
  • A mouth full of 60 adult teeth, with two separate rows of teeth on each side of the jaw. There are 40 teeth on the front row of teeth and 20 teeth in the back that are more spread out but lie very close to the front row. Silver, a meateater for the most part, has thirty-six canine teeth found at the front, with his remaining teeth being molars that can be found in the back. His teeth are more slender than a normal human's, being as sharp and tall as a mako shark's, with his back row of teeth being slightly thicker and taller to differentiate from his other line of teeth. Silver's left side of his jaw is known for being weaker than his other.
  • Silver's posterior is nearly pointless, as any food swallowed down falls into an inner pit of acid to be burnt away in a near-instant. The stomach burns down what he's eaten so fast that it gets absorbed into little crevices in the lining of his stomach towards the bloodstream to feed him nutrients. Silver's throat absorbs water as well, with veins on the sides of his throat absorbing the water into the blood as well. This means that Silver has no reason to use a bathroom in the typical fashion. However, particularly tough foods will take a while to digest, and may cause Silver temporary inner pain - as such, Silver mostly eats food that's easily digestible right off the bat.
  • Mr. Zin has notable amounts of keratin, with nails on his hands and feet that can zip out and retract in a near instant. His nails can be up to two inches long, with the edges being sharp like swords. The nails are stored underneath Silver's finger skin and stretch out from a slot when he needs to. His keratin is strong enough to be durable in battle; he can swing his sharp nails around to bleed his enemies out. However, even though his keratin is stronger than a human's, swords and even scissors can be enough to break the nails. Silver's nails are mostly good for latching onto walls and climbing them or for landing in quick hits onto targets he despises before he retracts them. When retracted, they are like cat paws.
  • Silver's body has many physical weak spots that are either good places to hit him at or places that he can easily be tickled at. Silver's ears are particularly delicate, with rubs of their tips or on the inner lobes causing his fully body to internally shiver. His armpits are also a weak point, with jabs or reaches into them causing him to become ticklish and flustered against his own will. His visible ribs are prone to being ticklish as well, as is his innie belly button. If particularly sensual, Silver will become slightly less human as he gently scratches away at his itches with his nails and meows when his hair is patted. It won't be easy to get him to that point, though - Silver is protective of his body.
  • Very small, barely noticeable 10A-cups for a chest that give his breasts slightly more perk than that of a typical man's. Silver does not wear a bra of any sorts, so his chest slightly pokes out from underneath fabric or other types of thin clothing, but it's usually not noticeable enough to point out. Silver's crotch area is small and (as with the rest of his skin) entirely hairless, with a 8.7-centimeter organ protruding from it. These bits of his body are considered to be underdeveloped by Silver due to their quite small size, but as proven with Asimi, he is capable of having perfectly healthy children.

Silver often holds a four-clawed weapon known as the Mind Weaver, which is decorated only in colors of grey with the exception of a ruby embedded in the center. These colors match up with Silver's typical color scheme.


Phase 1

Since the events of Zin Emergence: Rebirth of a God, Silver has been known to have an introverted personality, keeping the mood focused around him rather mysterious and not letting in others on his personal life unless they're known by him to be close to him in regards to bond. He seems to be devoid of most positivity, very rarely bathing in any sort of self-praise, often taking life with a grim, pessimistic point of view. He looks at everything like it's going to die, as if all life will eventually terminate at once, usually owing no hope for the world, but does make attempts to stop evil and is usually successful with his attempts. He is very determined, with him often working hard to meet his goals, even if it means working with people he has disdain for, like Valerie Heartgold. Silver is extremely reticent, making him hard to predict or discover patterns on, making him dangerous to play around as there's no telling what he could do to someone. Silver is typically wrapped in a thin veil of mystery and as such not many people know about what lies under his skin. He seems to take great pleasure in certain hobbies like stargazing, however.

Phase 2

As of the Mallorian Monarch phase's start, Silver has become more alert, extra cautious, and generally super sensitive, especially upon the death of his girlfriend Crymsia. After learning about Mallory being his true sister, he had a panic attack that resulted in him feeling immoral about the idea of killing his own sister. After this event, Silver became more reserved and more cautious, which resulted in him being harder to surprise and more difficult to break through. However, Silver ended up becoming more open to his friends, showing a willingness to bring the split Resistance together and mend what poor relationships he has in order to demote Mallory from power - not kill her, but simply bring her down. He has also opened himself up more, being more willing to share not just his personal information, but also himself and almost anything he possesses sans his robes and weapons. Though he is similar to who he was in Phase 1, he is a lot more open, accepting, and mindful and expresses a higher degree of personality - at the cost of having a harder time channeling his thoughts into his extremely strong dark attacks. During Phase 2, Silver seems to acknowledge his androgynous body more by not bothering to "correct" anyone that refers to him by female pronouns or terminology, with both types of pronouns working for him (they/them/their also don't hurt him).

Suzerain Silver

He is incredibly cunning and intelligent as Suzerain Silver (his Zaxinian Sage Badge transformation), also being something of a wisecracker and being extremely brave. He also takes many risks in this form, nearly sacrificing his title as a Zin member several times throughout fights.


During Silver's lifespan, he had learnt countless abilities from his foster father "Phoenix", and learned how to harness them via his methods of training. There were several powers that Silver also inherited and quickly learned from his ancestor Orion. Silver's attacks generally rely on and are based around colossal amounts of psychic energy as well as immeasurably robust dark energy, with his incomprehensible attack power added onto his extremely versatile skillpool arguably making him into one of the most powerful beings to have come into existence in the New Fantendoverse and unarguably the strongest of his kind in the Zaxinian Lifts. Silver's powers are absolutely no joke: without so much as even a second thought, he can telekinetically grip any being and snap off their ability to breathe within a mere instant if he so desires, and it doesn't seem to matter how large they are. Through mind reading, Silver can also capture details about his allies and enemies alike.

What exactly Silver can do doesn't appear to be specifically restricted at all, for he can form his light/dark magic into whatever he wishes without punishment and send it off exactly how he likes it to, which can make battles against him extremely difficult if he can easily predict what his opponent is doing. Explosive energy orbs, spears made from lightning, and flames made from anger can all be produced as long as that's what Silver is thinking about. He can also make aggressive, high-powered beasts from his energy or even create massive balls of fire that he can launch at planets to completely obliterate them -- alone. His dark energy can be used to send opponents into a viel of darkness, preventing them from being able to see and letting him have a great advantage against them by being able to kick their ass while they're blind. With his pendulum, he can manipulate his opponents' fears and carry out anything he needs to know from them.

Silver also has the rare ability to control practically every other element, though his usage of these abilities is far more reliant on what he reads from tomes and spellbooks alike as he cannot initiate most of those abilities on his own. As Silver is extremely adapt, however, Silver can learn to use water in ways that are just as great as the ways he can use his psychic energy in, as long as he knows his skills first. As Silver mostly relies on his psychic energy and usage of the dark arts alike to plow through his battles, it is rare that he'll come in a battle with different elements, but it is indeed possible for him to show up with varieties of different attacks. While Silver cannot remember most of these powers on his own, with his Mind Weaver he can store additional attacks and use them in battle whenever he pleases and wherever he wants. Being multi-adaptable, he can learn how to use others' attacks as well, though he can't properly replicate certain moves if he doesn't have specific weapons.

It should be noted that Silver is a God and it is by mortal means impossible to kill him, though Silver can still feel pain immense enough to give him a disadvantage in a fight. Due to his incredible origins, however, it is straight-up impossible to descend him from his deity status, for his family is on such a tier of its own that he stands above pretty much any other deity in the immediate area. However, due to Mallory being related to him, she can demote him herself -- though she's also in danger of Silver demoting her just the same. While Ghasja and the Echeno are weaker than Silver and can be destroyed by him, they never get close enough for him to kill and only come around him when his powers are abused.

Specific powers

  • Asphyxia Blessing: Silver sends out an orb of light that shoots across the ground. When the orb passes underneath an opponent, Silver can have it explode and choke opponents who were standing there, tripping them while also dealing great damage. It is so powerful that shields are also choked and broken. The orb dies after five seconds. Concept taken from Project V.
  • Control: By concentrating enough energy, Silver can control weakened enemies and use them to his own advantage. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Dark Duke: Silver holds out his hand, shaking it in place while a shadow trails across the ground. A shadowy pulse will rise out of the ground upon his command and jolt them up from inside to paralyze them. In the air, it'll launch from a portal as an appendage and smash opponents into the ground. Concept taken from Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare.
  • Darkness Draw: Silver crouches before sliding forward at the speed of light, opponents caught in his path being slammed away for intense damage. Silver tends to backflip after doing this attack, allowing him to follow up with whatever he likes. Concept taken from Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare.
  • Devil's Snatch: Silver can fire off his hands at the speed of light in any direction he pleases. If he grabs a ledge, he'll draw his body to his hands instantly and get up. If he grabs a foe, he'll teleport himself onto them and can beat the crap out of them from there. He can also grab onto projectiles and pull himself onto them, allowing him to ride them. Concept taken from Project V.
  • Dread Defense: Silver covers himself with a coat of darkness instantly, blocking a single attack. Concept taken from Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare.
  • Eruption: Tired of everything negative going on with him, Silver unleashes bombs of negative energy, damaging multiple foes around him and setting the environment aflame. Super risky tactic. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Firewall: By creating a firewall, Silver can protect himself from special attacks, although physical attacks still hit him. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Forceful Ricochet: Silver will glide towards his opponent very quickly and slam them down, altering their gravity to make them heavier. The more he does this to an opponent, the force of gravity against them will get stronger and stronger to the point where Silver fatally crushes them. Concept taken from Project V.
  • Furious Fire: By letting someone else help him create friction, Silver can spread a furious fireball forward, able to power up strong torches and set things aflame in an instant. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Grab and Toss: Silver picks up an enemy with his psychic energy, then tosses it away from him. This can also be used to pick up items and the like. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Harvester of Sorrow: Silver can use his pendulum to exploit enemy emotions and cause all foes to sob raucously, freezing them in place. Concept taken from Sr.Wario's "Nature Warrior" sequel concept.
  • Identify: Using his high intelligence, Silver reads the thoughts of a person, capturing their statistics and powers. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Lightning Spear: Silver points out an arm, and channels electricity to form a spear of electricity, which fires forwards in a straight direction. It never loses height, and if it hits a surface, it'll ricochet off of the surface. It lasts around 3 seconds before dying out. He can fire this spear from any angle, and can have several of them out at once. Concept taken from Somebody495.
  • Mental Doze: By concentrating his mental energy into a superstrong force field, Silver runs forward like a truck, damaging all enemies in his way recklessly. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Mind Reader: If another being helps him concentrate, Silver can read ancient scripts, allowing him to open new passageways and more. He can also read others' minds and tell what's to happen. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Negative Eruption: With this attack, Silver can unleash a magical explosion that will destroy all enemies in its blast radius and poison those who enter the resulting cloud. This is only one of a few attacks the Mind Weaver can do. Concept taken from Sr.Wario's "Nature Warrior" sequel concept.
  • Nightmare: After clicking his tongue once, Silver will swing his pendulum hypnotically in front of an opponent, which has different effects depending on where the opponent is in relative to Silver. The move requires extremely precise positioning as there are seven differing alternations of the move. Concept taken from Project V.
  • Pendulum Dance: Via abusing his pendulum swings, Silver has a small chance of driving his enemies to tears, which can prevent them from attacking. This is different from the "Harvester of Sorrow" attack because this move works on one single foe and has a much stronger, psychological impact. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Psychic Lift: By feeling light and happy from someone else's positivity, Silver lifts himself up to higher locations that his normal abilities can't take him to. He can get to Heaven with this ability. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Reflection: By forming a wall of sadness, Silver can reflect special attacks to inflect damage on his enemies. The wall breaks after a use. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Shadow Ball: By concentrating his negative energy, Silver can toss balls made out of dark cells to inflect moderate damage on his foes. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Sight Burst: Using someone else to point the way, Silver blindly teleports himself in the given direction along with that person. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Supernova Strike: Silver Zin teleports away, lifts up a hand, and begins forming a ball of light. Light begins to be pulled into the ball, and it grows. With another hand, Silver Zin's pointing at wherever he plans on attacking. He can adjust this ball to go wherever, though he may have difficulty doing such. Once it hits a platform, it compresses a little bit before exploding into a great, shining explosion. Concept taken from Somebody495.
  • Teleport: Silver teleports small distances around, though his use of this power is limited and he needs to be high on sugar beforehand. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.
  • Violet Flame: Silver creates a violet flame in his hand, formed from his broken soul, and launches it to burn and scald unlucky foes. Concept taken from Nature Warrior.


Silver's restraints on his powers are quite large, however; if his usage of his extremely abundant energy is going against his actual priorites, he will suffer extreme pain as all of his power backfires on him. Silver must minimize this pain by keeping his power down to a minimum, and must not cause abundant amounts of destruction or he will drive the attention of the Ghasja and The Echeno demons, potentially dooming the Zaxinian Lifts as Silver would be momentarily paralyzed for long enough to be killed. To punish Silver, he loses all access to his powers for 24 hours if he abuses his incredible state of power in any way -- an unfortunate side effect to his immense power which was also inherited from his ancestors. In addition, Silver is prone to being distracted: if someone attempts to divert his attention, his mind can make something he doesn't wish to occur. Silver is also a terrible physical fighter; if magic doesn't work on somebody, he's totally worthless and serves no purpose in battle.

Sage transformation

Z Badge Silver

Silver's badge

Using his Zaxinian Sage Badge, Silver Zin can unlock his true potential as "Suzerain Silver", the most powerful form of him available. Already exceeding the powers of all deities and mortals alike in the Zaxinian Lifts in his base form, Silver becomes one of the single most powerful individuals to ever live in the established canon surrounding him in his Sage form. This form restores his imperial mindset from a thousand years ago and restructures his powers to make them ever-stronger, with his morals in this form merging with his typical personality to make him into an extremely powerful hero with an unbreakable sense of justice. Because of his form focusing him almost entirely on the scope of battle and victory, he tends to ignore everything outside of it; if others are getting hurt or even dying, he will not save them due to his immensely heavy combat focus. Typically, Silver can only access this form via concentrating his thoughts vigorously on "Orion" and pleading to "Him" to unlock the lost part of his soul left 1000 years back in the past, which in turn changes him severely. In his sage transformation, all of Silver's red turns to blue, including the stained blood underneath his eyes.

Some of his new powers include:

  • All-Seeing Mind: Silver can teleport wherever he needs to in the Zaxinian Lifts without a limit, as long as he can see the location firmly in his mind and as long as he's been there before or has seen photos of it. He cannot teleport anywhere outside of the Zaxinian Lifts unless he has a permit from a deity to be able to visit places outside of Zaxinian territory. This is extremely useful in case he needs to share someone like Mallory.
  • Master's Pendulum: With his vastly improved pendulum, Silver can entrance others' bodily muscles into obeying his commands; he can move them up, down, and all around as he ties psychic chains around them to keep them still. The chains are one with his mind: he can manipulate how they twist and turn so he can torment, choke, and tie up his foes. With this move, he can also use his chains to swing them around like ball-and-chains.
  • Silencer: By throwing all of his power into a swing of his Mind Weaver weapon, Silver can take away anyone's life in an instant, including any and all deities. However, such a swing takes all of the energy away from his body, leaving him unconscious and degrading him to his origin state. He becomes vulnerable to death at this stage. This is a move best reserved for the worst of foes, and needs to be timed right for his range is short.

Relationships with other characters

Silver has many relationships with various members of the Zaxinian Lifts cast, but for the sake of not filling up the article with filler, the relationships mentioned here are his most important ones.

Crymsia Rose

Silver tends to not share his feelings about others very often, but he held a sweet spot for Crymsia within his "empty heart" whilst she was still alive. With Crymsia, Silver tried incredibly hard to defend her from harm and always stayed around to ensure that she was as safe as possible. If he was paranoid enough, he would take Crymsia on his adventures with him so that he knew that she is indeed safe. While he tended to be pretty mild about his feelings towards her in the public domain, he was much less subtle when alone with her and could fully relax without being pressured in any way, though he tended to get nervous when Crymsia started getting quite flirty with him. In fact, he could become unintimidating and very soft around her, contrasting significantly from his usual harsh, seemingly "abrasive" typical behavior. Silver put faith often in Crymsia, believing that she could stand on her own in a battle, with his theory based on his adventures with her in both Nature Warrior games. Crymsia was aware of Silver being nervous of speaking of his feelings towards her, and kept her mouth shut about their relationship when in public.

Whiskey Lager

Following Crymsia's death and the birth of the Mallorian Monarch, he spent most of his time isolated from the rest of the world and locked himself away for keeping Mallory alive instead of taking the opportunity to kill her. However, when he was invited by the Resistance to meet new recruits such as Whiskey, he had a change of heart and chose to stay within the Resistance. He formed a special bond with Whiskey, and the two started gaining a relationship of sorts. While Silver doesn't believe it'll be anything as special and dear to his heart as his relationship with Crymsia, he does hold deep care for her, highly appreciating her optimism and ability to see the best in each situation. He's also very fond of her strength and really appreciates her support in battle whenever she provides it to him. Whenever Silver hangs out at some place, he's often seen drinking away with Whiskey, the two often somewhat drunk in each other's arms and just chilling. Whiskey has very positive feelings about Silver, claiming he's "very underestimated" and yet a "charismatic duder" that can hardly do anything wrong in spite of his abrasive nature. She always tries to defend him when she can because his attention to her makes he feel really happy (he doesn't brush her off for being a chatterbox), and threatens to punch faces in if they mess with him or herself.


Despite of Jezebeth attaching herself to him as a sort of parasite, he is actually very fond of her. Occasionally he may get pissed at her whenever she does something wrong and punish her for it, but he really does appreciate her abilities as a bodyguard and is personally glad to have her around. Silver thinks she's a fun person to talk to and is happy to share his thoughts and wisdom with her whenever she's in the mood for hearing, and is very interested in her life story thanks to her ancient history as the lost guardian of an abandoned village. She's not comfortable talking about that village, but she trusts Silver to a degree where she can share details to him, something he appreciates as he finds it very relieving to hear that people trust him. It's iffy to him whenever she attacks someone he likes, such as Whiskey Lager or Pierce Hazel, but he is forgiving of it as Jezebeth never kills them and it's more-so playful tackling than actual physical violence. That said, Silver is more annoyed at how often his energy serves as a "meal" for Jezebeth, with her feeding off his energy every three days or so in different ways, which can easily exhaust him and cause him to be grumpy after such engagements (though he personally finds "mild" joy in them).

Valerie Heartgold

Silver and Valerie really do not get along well at all, to the point where some even consider them to be rivals in a way. Valerie often teases Silver and drives him to the point of absolute agony whenever she possibly can, and always forces a bunch of her chores on him when the chance is given. Silver wishes to seek some kind of revenge towards her without hurting Valerie directly, though he can think maliciously if Valerie pulled something horrible enough on him as is. Even though Silver shows strong disdain for Valerie in the public domain and is open about this to even his worst enemies, he clearly does not want to hurt her and he actually scars the hell out of anyone who dares lay a finger on his "sister" with the torment he can bring from his pendulum weapon. While Silver seldom gets along with her, always fighting over small things like coffee with her, he is deep inside proud of her accomplishments and is honored that his "replacement sister" is a genuinely good person in spite of all the weird things that he tends to hate about her.


Though Silver and Ike have gotten into their fair share of disputes over the years, they have evolved into a pair of friends that highly respect each other to great degrees. They would vent about their problems to each other and listen for each other's advice and condolences, and occasionally hang out in the same spare when they don't have anything better to do. They are a wondrous working pair when faced with troublesome dilemmas; they work together very well and ensure that things move forward rather than backwards if possible. The two have considerable trust in each other, with Silver trusting Ike more than anyone else with the exception of his beloved one.

Queen Mallory

In the ancient days, Silver and Mallory used to get along very well and were an unbreakable tag team. However, ever since Silver left his power to Fandraxono shortly prior to his untimely 1000-year knockout, Mallory has felt great disdain towards her brother, with her hatred building up considerably over the millennium and turning her insane. For everything she's done to people like Syi and his replacement sister Valerie, as well as his girlfriend Crymsia, Silver's relationship towards her has turned to strong hate. Although Silver is opposed to killing her due to his belief that she could change if she was a good person before, he is all for turning her empire inside out before she does anything considerably worse. Prior to his unveiling that Mallory shouldn't die, Silver was actually all for killing her - before feeling guilty for wishing death upon his sibling.

Zellen Harley Quimbleson

As she is the only non-Zin Herald that Silver himself is aware of, Silver has particular curiosity about Zellen and her whole "character". Ever since their first meeting - which resulted in the birth of a child named Bronzelle - he has been particularly "afraid" of her in a sense. She sparks up something inside of him that others can rarely cast over him: fear. Because Zellen is one of a few individuals that can potentially give Silver a fight that might shut down his deity barriers temporarily, he is always ever-conscious and fearful about being around someone with her skill, especially noting her lack of care for life. When around her, he attempts to keep his cool, but a lack of well-built defensive responses to the things she does ends up breaking through his toughness and conformity and renders his emotions (and true physique) vulnerable... which would be lethal if Zellen ever took advantage of it. However, in spite of his fears regarding Zellen, he has a large amount of respect for her and is fine with spending time with her as long as she doesn't kill someone in his group. In fact, he highly respects her and regards her as one of his closer friends, almost to a degree where he's only slightly crushing on her. He has been greatly thankful to Zellen for expanding his boundaries of interest.


My name is Silver, a name I cannot stress to forget... Since you were so kind to release me from my sanity's requiem, my mistress... I shall grant you one wish of your liking.
Silver Zin, upon his reawakening in Zin Emergence: Rebirth of a God (parodyish of Shadow the Hedgehog)

[...] We have to do something about it, though. If we ignore it, Mallory might have the impression we're toughening it out and take advantage of our emotional stance again.
Silver Zin, talking about a problem in a meeting with other important Zaxinians

Four thousand dead, bomb ignites in Hisplit's own Blackstar city, the capital of the blood and bones planet... What do we do to counteract this?
Silver Zin, same meeting

That's Nightshade's base, Crymsia... you stay behind me, I'll do the ass kicking and you keep my back guarded!
Silver, to Crymsia Rose prior to the final confrontation in Nature Warrior

I hope you die, Mallory. You're the scum of the Zaxinian Lifts now... everyone else seems to have some level of decency here. You're even more disgusting than... that voice at the back of my head...
Silver Zin, to Queen Mallory in Shadows of Mallory

You don't deserve empathy, Mallory. You're just a heartless monster, just like the Echeno and Ghasja, perhaps even worse due to this creepy incestuous feel you're tacking onto your relationship with Syi.
Silver Zin, same scenario as above

That was a miserable experience... I will punch Mallory's twisted face so hard that her jaw never opens again!
Silver Zin, following Crymsia Rose's death in Shadows of Mallory

Silver Zin, communicating in average conversation with Valerie Heartgold in Gone

Val, can't we just eat frozen treats peacefully?
Silver Zin, attempting to discourage his sister from licking her Frozen Banana like it were something else in Fame & Fate


  • Silver was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, and is the only one from said wiki that is close to his roots in terms of personality and abilities. While other characters like Crymsia and Valerie are also quite similar to how they were before, Silver has very hardly changed at all whilst those tow characters gained a lot more depth to them. Silver retains his mystery veil.
    • Interestingly, his character mindset at the time reflected that of the creator's, Athena Hawkins, which resulted in her making him into a very in-depth character compared to nearly any other character Athena made on that wiki. As such, he was very similar to Pierce Hazel and Syinara Wyne due to his introspective nature.
      • Silver's more recent incarnation as of 2016 has brought in many elements from Athena Hawkins' life and several of his current personality traits reflect off the things she has been feeling from time to time again. Due to the Zaxinian Lifts being reflective of Athena's mind as a whole and Silver having deeply tied connections to Athena, he was made into the Lifts' main protagonist.
  • While having taken his name from the Sonic the Hedgehog character named Silver, his ideals and personality on the Adventures of White wiki actually reflected those of Shadow the Hedgehog as well as Athena Hawkins.
    • Elements of the "Shadow" character were retained in the current incarnation of Silver, with Zin being encapsulated for a long time just like him and carrying the mission to find out more about himself and why he exists.
    • However, unlike Shadow, a lot of Silver's lore was established already and his reasons for finding out more about himself are arguably more important: he is a god that was just woken up after a full millennium and suffers from amnesia that prevents him from remembering his imperial past.
  • When Silver dreams, he is shown to resemble his AoWiki self, as do many characters that were present on that wiki before. Silver has conscious relationships with some of TheCrystalHero (tbc)'s characters in these dreams, such as White, Fuegon, and Saralyx. He also sees characters like Zellen and Mallory in that style, even in spite of the fact they weren't on that wiki before.
  • Silver's fascination with outer space and stars was inspired by the atmosphere of the Metallica instrumental entitled "Orion". It is also inspired by Athena's own interest in space and what lies beyond the planet Earth -- one of Silver's very dreams is to drift through the stars and just don't give a damn about anything. He wants to be free, like the stars.
    • Rather unsurprisingly, Metallica's "Orion" is also his favorite music track of all time. It give his mind room to wonder and think, with the song ultimately driving him to come up with all sorts of ideas and thoughts, but also allows him to relax and ease stress.
    • Orion is also the only metal track Silver likes.
  • Silver is uncertain of his sexuality or romantic orientation, judging it by his lack of interest in sex and love during Phase 1 and his confused state of affairs in Phase 2. However, he considers himself to be as straight as an arrow, given nearly all his experiences were with women, but has openly let Ike kiss his cheek in Shadows of Mallory without a single twitch.
    • While he has never participated in any sexual act with a male, he does find a few to be remotely attractive. He finds Ike in particular to be rather handsome, but shows no desire in participating in sexual activities with him, a thought process shared by the swordsmaster who doesn't want to exactly do the do with him either.
    • Silver has let his sexual orientation be open because he is inexperienced and doesn't think he should be judging into what he is just yet.
    • While Silver has mostly only had these sorts of times with his girlfriends, he (mostly willingly) participated in an act with Zellen once to grant her an unusually powerful child. It is unknown why Silver let something like this slide, but it might be due to Zellen's more "active" personality that overshadows Silver's passive self. It wasn't the only time where they "had a blast", either.
  • Interestingly, while Silver dislikes the idea of Heralds and tends to dislike all of them (excluding Zellen), he himself is a Herald: he can go to any universe he knows of with his portal powers. However, he does not possess the Stenographer Stones and is an amateur at using these powers. Silver tends to dislike going to other universes, anyway, due to his fear of the Zaxinian Lifts sinking without his presence.
  • Silver is very secretly afraid of heights, to the point where he refused to battle Queen Mallory at a point due to the location taking place upon an airplane. While that battle ended up happening anyway, Silver lost due to him being unable to conquer his fear while taking blows from Mallory and her henchmen / henchwomen. Ever since, Silver goes into a fury whenever someone brings up his fear of heights.
  • Aside from the fluffy hairpiece on his head, Silver Zin is completely hairless and is eerily smooth to the touch.
  • Following the transformation of Zaxina into the Zaxinian Lifts, Silver hadn't been seen for a thousand years. However, various relics depicting him were discovered during that time, and people made their own interpretations of brave, iconic statues / arts depicting him. Many of these depictions resulted in the creation of holidays in the Zaxinian Lifts that mirror those on Earth, with variations of Silver being used to depict these holidays. For example, a Cupid-like Silver represents Valentine's Day.
  • Silver has only kissed three people throughout his entire lifespan: Crymsia Rose, Whiskey Lager, and Zellen Harley Quimbleson. The latter is the only non-Zaxinian person he has ever shown actual affection towards.


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