Silver Shell
Kind of Item Shell
First Appearance Mario Kart Prima
It can be thrown and it will chase the rest of competitors.
Related Items
Koopa Shell

Gold Shell

A Silver Shell (also known as a Silvern Shell) is one of the new items that appear in Mario Kart, that is produced when a someone hits a Silver Koopa Troopa. It first appears in Mario Kart Prima as a new item

Games Appearance

Mario Kart Series

  • Mario Kart Prima: This is a new item in this game. It can be used in any mode, since it's a common item to all the modes. The effect of this item is that the player that gets this item can throw it to the next racers. The shell will chase all the races whose rank is higher that the user of the item (if the player is 5th at that moment, the shell will chase after the fourth, the third, the second and finally the first). When the shell can't chase more opponents, it will stop and will stay on the road. This item can't be protected by a Banana or a Shell and it can be just destroyed with a Star or a Mega Mushroom.


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