The pulse of relief gets thinner as time wears on and on. Tied to my theory is the fact that we are all slowly going insane now...

Silver Zin


the Silver Shadow

Current Age 1026
Date of Birth April 15th
Gender Male, though it doesn't matter to him
Species Shadow / Zaxinian Kittuman, though it doesn't matter to him
Location It is debatable where Silver lives as he's always on the move, seemingly never stopping
Align Completely unclear; presents himself as both a protagonist and antagonist at times
Current Status Alive, but not by choice
Crymsia, nothing else in particular
Too many things to list
Height 6'04"
Weight 154 lbs
Voice Actor(s)
Xander Mobius
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Silver Zin (known for a while following "reawakening" as Silver Heartgold) is a key figure in the lore of the Zaxinian Lifts, being the heart of its cast and also being deeply rooted into the overall story, starting from The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster. Silver is an immortal of incalculable power, fueled by the power of long-dead ancestor Orion and the gift of power itself, being granted strength in infinite numbers. He was the king of the Shadow Cage when his maximum potential was realized and broke it free from imprisonment, and also was the one responsible for morphing Zaxina into the Lifts that are known in the present day. He is unaware of all of his holy beginnings, having lost those memories from a hard impact that put him in a deep thousand-year sleep.

Born with the rare genetics that would already make him into an indestructable god of power, Silver grew up in a rich household and trained his powers with the Fandraxorcist, who temporarily played as his father, and Zodiez, who remained his mother until the Day of Impact. He foresaw through his father's selfish plans to keep the then-locked up Shadow Cage in that state and murdered him in the explosions that would set the cage free, and played a huge role in the War on Zyvoline, defeating the colossal god in an almighty battle, rendering him victorious. After Zaxina went unstable, a supernova-powered explosion hit Silver directly, knocking him unconscious and forcing him into a sleep he couldn't foresee. Fandraxono, who separated from Zyvoline, then wiped everyone's memories' with just a few exceptions.

He was soon woken up from his long slumber, pulled to his senses by Valerie Heartgold. He lost every memory regarding his past but retained his impressive powers and expressive vocabulary. His interests had not changed much, with much of his time spent stargazing or engaging in personal experiments, although he expresses no control in dominating or controlling empires as he once had, instead sharing his concerns about the weakening state of the Lifts and the great evils entering the Lifts. He seems to be lost in his thoughts often and tends to come off as easily annoyed or angered, preferring time to himself. He remains mostly isolated, even to his girlfriend Crymsia, whom he rarely sees following the events of Nature Warrior 2: Northern Conquest.

Physical description

Silver is an exceptionally tall Zaxinian Kittuman, boasting devil's horn-shaped ears, an unfurled black mess of hair, and a very frail figure. Silver has pure white eyes, with dried blood hanging under them to hand off the impression that he's more than capable of standing a fight. Silver's body looks weak and malnourished underneath his unusual red-and-grey robes, with his ribs visible and his lack of fat making it easy to touch and feel his bones. Underneath his robes are a typical white shirt with a tie and a standard pair of greyish pants with a belt. It should be noted that on Silver's bare backside is a huge red tattoo of an inverted cross; it's there upon Silver's request prior to his big battle with the ultra god Zyvoline as a way of showing his great disgust towards said deity.

Silver often holds a four-clawed weapon known as the Mind Weaver, which is decorated only in colors of grey with the exception of a ruby embedded in the center. These colors match up with Silver's typical color scheme.


Phase 1

Since the events of Zin Emergence: The Arcana Freak, Silver has been known to have an introverted personality, keeping the mood focused around him rather mysterious and not letting in others on his personal life unless they're known by him to be close to him in regards to bond. He seems to be devoid of most positivity, very rarely bathing in any sort of self-praise, often taking life with a grim, pessimistic point of view. He looks at everything like it's going to die, as if all life will eventually terminate at once, usually owing no hope for the world, but does make attempts to stop evil and is usually successful with his attempts. He is very determined, with him often working hard to meet his goals, even if it means working with people he has disdain for, like Valerie Heartgold. Silver is extremely reticent, making him hard to predict or discover patterns on, making him dangerous to play around as there's no telling what he could do to someone. Silver is typically wrapped in a thin veil of mystery and as such not many people know about what lies under his skin. He seems to take great pleasure in certain hobbies like stargazing, however.

Phase 2

As of the Mallorian Monarch phase's start, Silver has become more alert, extra cautious, and generally super sensitive, especially upon the death of his girlfriend Crymsia. After learning about Mallory being his sister, his emotions started to bloat up and reach to the extremes, giving him horrifying mood swings and making him even more unpredictable when it comes to his temper as a result. As such, he has become more exploitable. However, some positive traits he gained included him being more open with his friends, his willingness to make poor relationships mend, and his willingness to work with enemies to take down a common threat. He has become less protective of his personal information, which allows him to open up himself much more easily. While he still remains much the same way as he was before, still being a reticent person that happens to be a hard worker, he's no longer quite so mysterious.


During Silver's lifespan, he had learnt countless abilities from his foster father "Phoenix", and learned how to harness them via his methods of training. There were several powers that Silver also inherited and quickly learned from his ancestor Orion. Silver's attacks generally rely on and are based around colossal amounts of psychic energy as well as immeasurably robust dark energy, with his incomprehensible attack power added onto his extremely versatile skillpool arguably making him into one of the most powerful beings to have come into existence in the New Fantendoverse and unarguably the strongest of his kind in the Zaxinian Lifts. Silver's powers are absolutely no joke: without so much as even a second thought, he can telekinetically grip any being and snap off their ability to breathe within a mere instant if he so desires, and it doesn't seem to matter how large they are. Through mind reading, Silver can also capture details about his allies and enemies alike.

What exactly Silver can do doesn't appear to be specifically restricted at all, for he can form his light/dark magic into whatever he wishes without punishment and send it off exactly how he likes it to, which can make battles against him extremely difficult if he can easily predict what his opponent is doing. Explosive energy orbs, spears made from lightning, and flames made from anger can all be produced as long as that's what Silver is thinking about. He can also make aggressive, high-powered beasts from his energy or even create massive balls of fire that he can launch at planets to completely obliterate them -- alone. His dark energy can be used to send opponents into a viel of darkness, preventing them from being able to see and letting him have a great advantage against them by being able to kick their ass while they're blind. With his pendulum, he can manipulate his opponents' fears and carry out anything he needs to know from them.

Silver also has the rare ability to control practically every other element, though his usage of these abilities is far more reliant on what he reads from tomes and spellbooks alike as he cannot initiate most of those abilities on his own. As Silver is extremely adapt, however, Silver can learn to use water in ways that are just as great as the ways he can use his psychic energy in, as long as he knows his skills first. As Silver mostly relies on his psychic energy and usage of the dark arts alike to plow through his battles, it is rare that he'll come in a battle with different elements, but it is indeed possible for him to show up with varieties of different attacks. While Silver cannot remember most of these powers on his own, with his Mind Weaver he can store additional attacks and use them in battle whenever he pleases and wherever he wants. Being multi-adaptable, he can learn how to use others' attacks as well, though he can't properly replicate certain moves if he doesn't have specific weapons.

It should be noted that Silver is a God and it is by mortal means impossible to kill him, though Silver can still feel pain immense enough to give him a disadvantage in a fight. Due to his incredible origins, however, it is straight-up impossible to descend him from his deity status, for his family is on such a tier of its own that he stands above pretty much any other deity in the immediate area. However, due to Mallory being related to him, she can demote him herself -- though she's also in danger of Silver demoting her just the same. While Ghasja and the Echeno are weaker than Silver and can be destroyed by him, they never get close enough for him to kill and only come around him when his powers are abused.


Silver's restraints on his powers are quite large, however; if his usage of his extremely abundant energy is going against his actual priorites, he will suffer extreme pain as all of his power backfires on him. Silver must minimize this pain by keeping his power down to a minimum, and must not cause abundant amounts of destruction or he will drive the attention of the Ghasja and The Echeno demons, potentially dooming the Zaxinian Lifts as Silver would be momentarily paralyzed for long enough to be killed. To punish Silver, he loses all access to his powers for 24 hours if he abuses his incredible state of power in any way -- an unfortunate side effect to his immense power which was also inherited from his ancestors. In addition, Silver is prone to being distracted: if someone attempts to divert his attention, his mind can make something he doesn't wish to occur. Silver is also a terrible physical fighter; if magic doesn't work on somebody, he's totally worthless and serves no purpose in battle.

Relationships with other characters


Silver tends to not share his feelings about others very often, but he holds a sweet spot for Crymsia within his "empty heart". With Crymsia, Silver tries incredibly hard to defend her from harm and always stays around to ensure that she's as safe as possible. If he's paranoid enough, he may take Crymsia on his adventures with him so that he knows that she is indeed safe. While he tends to be pretty mild about his feelings towards her in the public domain, he is much less subtle when alone with her and can fully relax without being pressured in any way, though he tends to get nervous when Crymsia starts getting quite flirty with him. In fact, he can become nervous and very soft around her, contrasting significantly from his harsh, seemingly "abrasive" typical behavior. Silver puts faith often in Crymsia, believing that she can stand on her own in a battle, with his theory based on his adventurs with her in both Nature Warrior games than before. Crymsia is aware of Silver being nervous of speaking of his feelings towards her, and keeps her mouth shut when in public.


Silver and Valerie really do not get along well at all, to the point where some even consider them to be rivals in a way.  Valerie often teases Silver and drives him to the point of absolute agony whenever she possibly can, and always forces a bunch of her chores on him when the chance is given.  Silver wishes to seek some kind of revenge towards her without hurting Valerie directly, though he can think maliciously if Valerie pulled something horrible enough on him as is.  Even though Silver shows strong disdain for Valerie in the public domain and is open about this to even his worst enemies, he clearly does not want to hurt her and infact scars the hell out of anyone who dares lay a finger on his "sister" with the torment he can bring from his pendulum weapon. While Silver seldom gets along with her, always fighting over small things like coffee with her, he is deep inside proud of her accomplishments and is honored that his "replacement sister" is a genuinely good person in spite of all the weird things that he tends to hate about her.


Though Silver and Ike have gotten into their fair share of disputes over the years, they have evolved into a pair of friends that highly respect each other to great degrees. They would vent about their problems to each other and listen for each other's advice and condolences, and occasionally hang out in the same spare when they don't have anything better to do. They are a wondrous working pair when faced with troublesome dilemmas; they work together very well and ensure that things move forward rather than backwards if possible. The two have considerable trust in each other, with Silver trusting Ike more than anyone else with the exception of his beloved one.


In the ancient days, Silver and Mallory used to get along very well and were an unbreakable tag team. However, ever since Silver left his power to Fandraxono shortly prior to his untimely 1000-year knockout, Mallory has felt great disdain towards her brother, with her hatred building up considerably over the millennium and turning her insane. For everything she's done to people like Syi and his replacement sister Valerie, as well as his girlfriend Crymsia, Silver's relationship towards her has turned to strong hate. Although Silver is opposed to killing her due to his belief that she could change if she was a good person before, he is all for turning her empire inside out before she does anything considerably worse.



  • Silver was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, and is the only one from the Zolaran Archives that is close to his roots in terms of personality and abilities.
  • Silver is uncertain of his sexuality or romantic orientation, judging it by his lack of interest in sex and love. However, he considers himself to be as straight as an arrow, given his only experiences were with Crymsia, but has openly let Ike kiss his cheek in Shadows of Mallory without a single twitch.
  • Silver is very secretly afraid of heights.