The pulse of relief gets thinner as time wears itself out.

Silver Zin


the Silver Shadow

Current Age 1026
Date of Birth April 15th
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Naxaz
Align Not clear
Current Status Alive
Nothing in particular
Too many things to list
Height 6'04"
Weight 154 lbs
Voice Actor(s)
Xander Mobius
First Appearance Nature Warrior

Silver Zin (known for a while following "reawakening" as Silver Heartgold) is a key figure in the lore of the Zaxinian Lifts, being one of its central characters and deeply rooted into the overall story, starting from The Life and Crimes of Silver Heartgold: Some Kind of Monster. Silver is an immortal of incalcuable power, fueled by the power of long-dead ancestor Orion and the gift of power itself, being granted strength in infinite levels. He was the king of the Shadow Cage when his maximum potential was realized and broke it free from imprisonment, and also was the one responsible for morphing Zaxina into the Lifts that are known in the present day. He is unaware of all of his holy beginnings, having lost those memories from a hard impact that put him in a deep thousand-year sleep.

Born with the rare genetics that would already make him into an indestructable god of power, Silver grew up in a rich household and trained his powers with the Fandraxorcist, who temporarily played as his father, and Zodiez, who remained his mother until the Day of Impact. He foresaw through his father's selfish plans to keep the then-locked up Shadow Cage in that state and murdered him in the explosions that would set the cage free, and played a huge role in the War on Zyvoline, defeating the colossal god in an almighty battle, rendering him victorious. After Zaxina went unstable, a supernova-powered explosion hit Silver directly, knocking him unconscious and forcing him into a sleep he couldn't foresee. Fandraxono, who separated from Zyvoline, then wiped everyone's memories' with just a few exceptions.

He was soon woken up from his long slumber, pulled to his senses by Valerie Heartgold. He lost every memory regarding his past but retained his impressive powers and expressive vocabulary. His interests had not changed much, with much of his time spent stargazing or engaging in personal experiments, although he expresses no control in dominating or controlling empires as he once had, instead sharing his concerns about the weakening state of the Lifts and the great evils entering the Lifts. He seems to be lost in his thoughts often and tends to come off as easily annoyed or angered, preferring time to himself. He remains mostly isolated, even to his girlfriend Crymsia, whom he rarely sees following the events of Sweet Invader 2: Northern Conquest.


Silver has an introverted personality, keeping the mood focused around him rather mysterious and not letting in others on his personal life unless they're known by him to be close to him in regards to bond. He seems to be devoid of most positivity, very rarely bathing in any sort of self-praise, often taking life with a grim, pessimistic point of view. He looks at everything like it's going to die, as if all life will eventually terminate at once, usually owing no hope for the world, but does make attempts to stop evil and is usually successful with his attempts. He is very determined, with him often working hard to meet his goals. Silver is extremely reticent, making him hard to predict or discover patterns on, making him dangerous to play around as there's no telling what he could do to someone.

Silver is typically wrapped in a thin veil of mystery and as such not many people know about what lies under his skin. He seems to take great pleasure in certain hobbies like stargazing, however. More will be revealed with time.



Relationships with other characters


Silver and Valerie really do not get along well.  Valerie often teases Silver and drives him to the point of absolute agony, and always forces a bunch of her chores on him.  Silver wishes to seek some kind of revenge without hurting Valerie.  Even though Silver shows strong disdain for Valerie, he does not want to hurt her and scars the hell out of anyone who dares lay a finger on his "sister".  It doesn't change how Silver is annoyed by the activities Valerie handles.


Silver is not very aware of how Crymsia treats him, but he has shown several emotions towards her over the series' course, and does not wish to harm her. However, he tries to take her to steal her fortune for the sake of his partners; Nightshade and Univel, but he would more so want to become friends with her. Any negative feelings Silver shows towards Crymsia are false; they're just to hide his feelings for her in front of his partners. Crymsia is actually aware of his feelings, but keeps it a complete secret.



  • Silver was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, and is the only one from the Zolaran Archives that is close to his roots in terms of personality and abilities.

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