Silver Coin
A Silver Coin from Super Mario Land 3D.
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest Appearance New Super Mario Bros.

Silver Coins are silver or bluish-gray coins appearing in the Super Mario series. They typically function the same as regular coins, though they only appear in certain locations after a P-Switch has been pressed, and disappear when the switch's effect wears off.


Silver Coins tend to behave differently from game to game.

Super Mario Evolution

After a Gray P-Switch is pressed in Super Mario Evolution, all enemies temporarily turn into Silver Coins like in Super Mario World.

Super Mario Land 3D

In Super Mario Land 3D, they are worth 10 coins and appear only in Bonus Levels.

Super Mario Planet

Super Mario Planet uses the coins in Silver Coin missions; 100 must be collected to spawn a Power Star.

Super Mario: Remote Future

Silver Coins are also used to minimal effect in Super Mario: Remote Future, where they are small collectibles with no real purpose.