SilverYoshi is a silver ColoredYoshi with a green saddle, spikes, and shoes. He is RedBirdo's friend but RedYoshi's "rival" who lives on RedYoshi's Island. His first appearance in TriHeroes.


SilverYoshi made his first appearance in TriHeroes.

He made his first newcomer appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Rumble. His moveset was exactly the same as RedYoshi's but with different attack power and faster speed. He also is in RedYoshi's team for Fantendo Baseball League.


SilverYoshi is spontaneous, energetic, and easily excitable, while being minorly philosophical. He is up for adventure at any time and seems to be very wise.


SilverYoshi can run faster and jump higher than most ColoredYoshis. He is known to be the longest and highest flutterer on RedYoshi's Island.



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