2 More left!, This is my third to last game in the series of the Shadow: The Hedgehog remakes, only it stars Silver, the Telekinetik Hedgehog from the future.


Three years after Sonic(2006) Silver wonders if he'll see Sonic again, then suddenly Mephiles appears from the future, Silver, realising he had formerly destroyed the world when fusing with Iblis, immediately brings out the scepter of darkness and throws it at Mephiles and he is gone, but where? and how is he back?


Your main Hero Mission Characters will be Blaze, Sonic and Shadow, your main Dark Mission Characters will be Mephiles and Dr. Eggman


Instead of guns you will be able to colllect shards of the Chaos Rings which will power your Psycic abilities


The Hero mode bosses will be Crystal Mephiles and the Egg-Breaker 2.0 and the Dark mode bosses will be Sonic and Shadow


Shadow will send out his G.U.N. Soldiers if you mistrust him and Mephiles will send out his Clones to kill the Soldiers, Who's side are you on?


Silver's Melee is very poor due to his powers, so there was no need for him to practice melee, but his psycic abilities far outclass anything he can do, you can use Telekinisus to move objects and enemies, Psychokinisus to instantly KO enemies and Possesion to take over the body and mind of enemies so you can control them, although this leaves Silver's body unguarded and an easy target, aside from all that with a full Hero Gauge you can excecute Chaos Control, and a full Dark Gauge allows full access to use Chaos Force, a forceful explosion

Last Story

Previously, Super Ashura Saved the earth by eliminating Metal Overlord, But Silver Learns that Mephiles wasn't Destroyed in Sonic(2006), it was one of his Clones, the real Mephiles befriended Silver at the start but then bertays him now to acheive his Final Form: Ultimate Mephiles, he fuses with his army of clones and emerges as a giant similar to Solaris in many ways, only he is purple and blue and he is smaller, Silver then absorbes the Positive Chaos Energy of all the Chaos Rings to become Super Silver, they both use Chaos Control at the same time and the brawl begins.


Silver the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog

Dr. Eggman

Mephiles the Dark

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