Silent Night is the first episode of Fantendo - Asylum. It acts partially as a prelude to the series and is a Christmas special. The episode takes place before season one.


When Violet asks Aura to take Alexa home, the two get trapped inside of a grocery store with a serial killer.


Adeline is washing the dishes. Aura walks downstairs, dressed in a long scarf and a beanie. She walks over to Adeline.

Aura: Is it a special occasion or something, mom?
Adeline: Well, it's Christmas Eve, but I'm sure you already knew that, so I have no idea what you're talking about.
Aura: Well, I mean, you guys usually make me wash the dishes...
Adeline: That's because your father's afraid of sinks and I don't see reason in it. I mean, you're the only one who eats solid food in this house, anyways. I'm just doing you a favor.

Adeline turns around.

Adeline: Where are you going, dressed like that?
Aura: To Sweep's. She's having a party.
Adeline: On Christmas Eve?

Aura looks nervous.

Aura: Uh, I promise I'll be back before seven...?
Adeline: Well, who's going?
Aura: Sweep said it was just her, Death, File and I.
Adeline: Fine, but how are you going to get there in this weather?

Adeline and Aura turn to the window. There's a bit of ice on the roads, and snow is everywhere. Aura goes into her Orange form. She adjusts her sunglasses.

Orange Aura: In style.
Adeline:, seriously.
Orange Aura: I'm sure the roads aren't that bad. Plus, Sweep's place is just a few miles away. If the car crashes or something, I don't think I'll get hurt.
Adeline: Well, fine, I guess. Just... Change into a different form. You get a bit reckless when you're Orange.
Orange Aura: Fine, whatever.

Aura goes into her Cyan form and steps outside. Adeline takes her hands out of the sink. Flowers have sprouted from all of her fingers.

Adeline: Well, shit.

Aura, still in her Cyan form, arrives at Violet's house. She begins to hum a melody- Carol of the Bells- when she notices a sign at a neighbor's house saying "VOTE DARKWATER." She scowls and knocks at the door. Violet opens the door.

Cyan Aura: Hey.
Violet: Hi, Aura. Come on in.

Aura walks in.

Violet: Well, you're the first one here. Everyone else should be here soon-

File appears, standing in between Aura and Violet.

File: Hey, guys.

Violet shrieks.

Violet: How long have you been invisible for?
File: About ten minutes. Well, gotta go. See you guys at the party later.

File walks out the door.

Violet: File, the party's right here, right now-

File closes the door. Violet sighs.

Violet: He's weird.
Cyan Aura: Weird isn't always a bad thing...

Violet begins to say something, but she sees something at the window. She rushes over to it, realizing that it's a car. She closes the curtains.

Cyan Aura: Was that Death?
Violet: Well, uh, maybe... Let's go downstairs for a minute.

Violet takes Aura's hand, and the two walk downstairs together.

Cyan Aura: Are you hiding something from me?
Violet: Umm...
Cyan Aura: So that's a yes. What is it?

The doorbell rings upstairs.

Violet: Hey, uh, I'll be right back, sorry.

Violet lets go of Aura's hand and rushes back up the stairs. She closes the door and puts a chair in front of it. Violet yells through the door.

Violet: Hey, you might want to go into your Yellow or White forms while I'm gone. I'll be right back, I promise.

Violet leaves. Aura goes into her Yellow form.

Yellow Aura: Well, I'm sure it's a good surprise.

Violet walks over to the door. Someone's knocking on it. She opens the door and lets someone in.

Violet: Hey, come in. Party's this way.

The scene changes back to the basement door which Yellow Aura is still waiting behind. She looks through the bottom of the door, seeing Violet and someone else's shoes. They move the objects out of the way and open the door. Aura stands up, realizing that it's Alexa.

Yellow Aura: Oh, hi, Alexa-

Aura punches herself and she quickly shifts into Black Aura upon impact as if Black Aura were the one punching.

Black Aura: Sweep, I get the feeling that you left something out. Specifically, the part where you invited the one who's the reason of the planet's name.
Alexa: I knew she was going to be here! Why did you lie to me, Vi?

Aura and Alexa both glare at Violet, who looks nervous.

Violet: Listen, uh… You're some of my closest friends, and…

Violet looks sad.

Violet: I just wish you two would get along, okay? It's not like there's any actual reason for you to dislike each other. Can't you just try to stand each other for once?

Aura goes back into her normal form and puts her hand on Violet's shoulder.

Aura: Sweep…
Alexa: Oh, I'll definitely try. At least one of us can do that.

Violet becomes a little bit angrier. Aura looks over to Alexa, then back to Violet.

Aura: Um… Yeah, sure. Whatever. I promise.

Aura sighs. Violet looks a bit happier.

Violet: R-really? Thank you. I hope you can manage that. Both of you.

About an hour later, Violet and Alexa are playing some relevant karaoke video game. Aura sits on a couch nearby.

Alexa: Why does this game have a song with no lyrics on it?

Violet whispers.

Violet: Careful, you're losing points.

Death walks over, sitting on the couch near Aura. Aura sighs.

Death: You know, Aura, she's not that bad of a person once you get to know her.
Aura: W-what are you talking about?
Death: Alexa, obviously. You have a lot in common, actually. What is it that you dislike about her?
Aura: I don't know. She's just always been really rude to me for no reason.
Death: Maybe you should talk to her about it some time.

Aura considers this.

The party's over. The group walks outside. Violet checks her watch. It's about six.

File: Well, bye. See you guys.

File runs.

Violet: File- your car-

File is too far away to hear Violet.

Violet: This is really getting annoying.
Death: I'll go look for him.

Death pulls his hood over and starts walking in File's direction.

Alexa tries to start her motorcycle.

Alexa: Well, goodbye, Vi- wait, what?

The motorcycle won't start.

Alexa: Great. It's frozen.
Violet: Well, that's a problem, then.

Violet looks at Aura, getting inside of her Iridescentmobile.

Violet: Aura, would you mind doing a favor for me?
Aura: Yeah, sure, Sweep, what is it?

Aura turns over, seeing Alexa angrily trying to start the motorcycle.

Aura: Oh, no.
Violet: Come on, you promised that you would be nice to her. You only have to take her home.
Aura: Listen, I told my mom that I would be home before seven.
Violet: Her house isn't that far away from yours.

Aura glances at Alexa.

Aura: Fine. Get in the car.

Aura's driving through a forest. Alexa sits in the passenger seat, looking out the window.

Aura: Alexa… Just wondering… Why don't you like me?
Alexa: It's a big world, Aura. A big world with a lot of people, and some of those people just so happen to dislike you. I'm not the only one, you know. Shouldn't really be surprising.
Aura: I know that, but most of the people that dislike me happen to end up disliking you, to.
Alexa: Are you implying that I like myself?

Both of them are silent for a few seconds.

Alexa: Hey, what's that down there?
Aura: Where?

Aura looks over to the window on Alexa's side of the car for a second. There seems to be a strange tree- but it's not a tree. It looks more like a pink-coloured hole in the shape of a tree.

Aura: What is that?

Aura's been looking at the "tree" for a bit too long- the car slips off the icy road. It begins to crash. Aura and Alexa are screaming. The car falls through the forest and off of a large cliff.

Suddenly, mid-fall, the car is transported into a parking lot with seven other crashed vehicles next to a grocery store. Aura and Alexa breathe heavily.

Alexa: Aura! We could've died! We should've died, actually! How did we survive that? We aren't even injured at all! That can't be possible.
Aura: It was your fault!
Alexa: What are you talking about? You were the one driving!

Aura and Alexa get out of the car.

Alexa: What is this place?
Aura: I don't know, but it's weird.

Aura and Alexa look upwards. There's a portal between the cliff and the parking lot.

Aura: How do we get back up there?
Alexa: I don't know. Maybe someone inside can help us.

More to come.


  • As this episode was released before Aura's Junkyard was finished but takes place after, this episode indirectly spoils some events from the game.

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