Full Name Silence
Current Age Ageless
Gender Male
Location White Goddess' Palace
White Goddess
Family and Relations
White Goddess: Mother

Black God: Uncle
Lock: Uncle
Palutena: Uncle
Rose Reaper: Sister
Strafe: Cousin
Marcus: Adoptive half-nephew (pre-shattering)
Athene: Half-niece (pre-shattering)
Syria: Half-niece (pre-shattering)

Main Weapon(s) Staff
Ability/ies Magic
First Appearance Fantendo Silence
Latest Appearance Syria

Silence is a son of the White Goddess; unlike Micaliye's daughter, he is not half-human. However, he has none of the five senses: he relies on magic to survive. He is also incapable of speaking, instead communicating via telepathy. When he does attempt to talk without telepathy, he just makes an odd grumbling noise.

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Fantendo Silence Edit

Fantendo Dare Edit

Syria Edit

Fantendo Sports Resort Edit

Silence makes his New Fantendoverse debut here as Strafe's doppelganger, still a child of White Goddess. He somewhat resents Strafe, believing he got the better parent. Despite this, he is a good sport, congratulating Strafe if he wins.

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Super Smash Bros. Insanity Edit

Silence is an unlockable character in Super Smash Bros. Insanity.

Moveset Edit

A: Staff Whack

Down A: Fade

Up A: Kick

B: Magic Missile

Down B: Shield

Up B: Flying Attack

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Trivia Edit

  • Silence had several radically different designs over the course of coming up with a design. To come up with the final design, Exotoro went to YoshiEgg for ideas on how the character should look.

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