Full Name Siku Eleanor Qana
Current Age 17
Gender Female
Location Irdlirvirisissong
Current Status Alive
Class Student (homeschooled)
Family and Relations
General Qana (father)
Main Weapon(s) Computer
Ability/ies Using computers
First Appearance Cold War
Siku is a girl who lives in the snowy region of 

Irdlirvirisissong. She is the main character of the Pokeytech game Cold War, and is the only playable character in the game's story mode.


Her appearance is slightly alien, having a tall figure and gaunt features. The distance between her eyes and her nose sometimes fluctuates based on her mood. She has wide lips and a full head of hair that is never without a hairband (she also sometimes wears her hair in a bun.) She also has a quite prominent Adam's apple and a relatively long neck.

Siku usually wears a dress with a spiky blue-and-white pattern. As she lives in the wilderness she does not have a very accomplished wardrobe, although she makes sure to wash her clothes when possible.

Cold WarEdit

In this game, Siku lives in a house in a remote area of Irdlirvirisissong. Her only human contact is with her father, General Qana, who she communicates with via video transmission. The General also homeschools Siku due to him wanting to prepare her to go to a prestigious college knows as Stalagmite Elementary. Siku is often frustrated at her father's lack of interest in her own feelings, and to vent, she often goes exploring in the snowy landscape around her or browses the internet.

Siku also likes to collect interesting things she finds in a jar that she carries around. The game proper begins when she finds a glowing red snowflake which is somewhat hot to the touch and takes it home with her.