Signals are undead creatures that inhabit Core. They are reincarnations of the ancient Elves, who had discovered a way to become undead; they planned to use this to stay alive for eternity, by going through a constant cycle of reincarnation. However, the majority of the Elves did suicide in an attempt to increase the speed this cycle occured at. These first Signals became power hungry, and a civil war sparked between the living and undead Elves. Eventually, all of the Elves were killed and only then did the Signals realize that their entire species was now cursed to an eternity of being undead.

Signals have a large grasp of the magical arts because of their Elven heritage.

Signal Life Cycle

As Signals are not organic creatures and lack a reproductive system, the method by which they keep their species alive is rather different. Signals still age (although this can only be visually seen in ghost-like and demonic Signals, as skeletal Signals look the same throughout their whole life), and are also still capable of dying (despite being undead already). As such, each month they perform a ritual where they open up a portal to the afterlife, and allow the Signals to pass through again. When they perform this reincarnation, any skeletons that they have with them they will allow Signals to take over; otherwise, the Signals that return to life will be of a ghost-like or demonic appearance.

Some Signals may choose to abandon their memories when they die; this means that when they return to life, they will be almost a completely new person. A Signal's "Age" is either determined by the amount of time that they have kept the same set of memories, or by the amount of time since their last reincarnation.


Signals come in three distinct appearances; a skeletal appearance, a ghost-like appearance, and a demonic appearance. Each Signal also has a pair of wings; these grow in a similar way to Human's growing hair on their head; Signal's wings may be many different colours or appearances, and Signal's will often have their wings cut into specific appearances for fashion reasons.


The appearance of a skeletal Signal is that of a generic Elf skeleton; they also have a glowing light inside their skull, which has a magical energy which allows them to see. The colour of this light varies from person to person.


Ghost Signals usually look like their previous living form, except they are slightly transparent. As well as that, certain strong elements of personality or their memories may be reflected in their appearance. Ghost-like Signals vary a lot in appearance because of that fact.



There are three main types of Signals; the Elven Signals, those who follow the laws of the Signal Council who are an organization dedicated to keeping the Elven lifestyle alive, the Outcasts, who ignore these laws for various reasons (usually dislike of the Signal Council, or to reject the culture of the ones who made them undead in the first place), and the wild Signals, who have gone mad from their horrifying appearance and have essentially become wild monsters.


The Signal Council enforces the law that all Signals must cover their whole body. Signal's usually wear a lot of thick clothing, because they do not wish to break this law. Some Signals who either travel to or live in a warm area wear slightly cooler clothes; some Signals can be seen covered in bandages.

Prominent Members