Full Name Sigmund, the Evil Wizard
Gender Male
Species Puffball
Location Darkest Dimensions
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Shapeshift Scepter
Ability/ies To change any into any kirby's copyed abilitys from a past kirby game (Kirby 64)
Vulnerable To Stomps
First Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Latest Appearance Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover
Sigmund is a wizard who was sealed away in the Super Darkstone, he created Combination Ztar to destroy the world, but the Combination Ztar along with himself got sealed away, He takes possession of the powerful scepter known as Shapeshift Scepter. He was the one who made the portal between Mario's and Kirby's World, he is named after a hero in norse mythology named Sigmund.


He is was a kid in the 1640s who went to Wizard Elementary School, he was laughed at by everyone because he was a "freak", then finally in 23 years passes since Sigmund was called a "freak" by everyone, he makes his own scepter called the Shapeshift Scepter, a staff that lets him change forms, and 1 year later, he attacks the Medieval Mushroom Kingdom but was sealed in the Super Darkstone, in a thousand year, he was sealed out of the stone and made the Combination Ztar to do his biddings, and goes back to the Super Darkstone he was sealed in.


He looks like Kirby except colored blue and he dons on a purple wizard cape and hat with yellow star patterns on it.



After encountering Mario, he hates him oftenly.


When Luigi crossed paths with him, he definetly hates him because of his cowardness


He finds Kirby a similar species he is, but commonly hates him due to being friends with Mario and Luigi.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Bros.: The Popstar Crossover

He's the true final boss of this game, after the Combination Ztar was defeated, the Super Darkstone appeared and gets splitted into stones, after all of the stone pieces were found in all of the levels in all chapters during a mode called "Find Stone Pieces Mode", after finding all of the stone pieces on all of the levels in chapters, a small blackhole appears and sucks up all the pieces in it, thus making the Super Darkstone appear, it releases Sigmund from the stone and he caused chaos in the Mushroom Kingdom, after Mario confronts him along with Luigi and Kirby, they all confront him and battle him, the battle begins as he begins to change into his first form: Cutter ability, to harm him while in Cutter Ability, Mario has to throw the spiky boomerang back at him, after doing this method 5 times, he will change into a 2X Cutter Ability, to harm him again while using this ability, Mario has to trick him onto slicing 3 red poles that hold up a flat blue platform, this method has to be repeated 5 times again for the flat blue platform to fall on him, he will go to Rock Ability, where his walking will cause things to fall, and rumble also, but the only way to hurt him is for an object to fall on him 5 times, after that, he will go to the 2X Rock Ability, which is the stronger version, this time, the rumbling also stuns the player, and causes more objects to fall, but also has slow speed.

True Final Boss Music


  • There was writings on the Shapeshift Scepter that says "Copyright 2014 Nintendo", a reference to Nintendo.