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"Sigma Star Hunter" is a game created by Liberty Moon Games and published by "Sand-dune publishing" for the Nintendo Game Boy Color released Decmeber 7 1999. The game had a sequel planned, titled "Super Sigma Star" due in 2005 on the Nintendo DS, but was cancelled due to the buyout of Liberty Moon Games by Fantendo.


"as our world has been shielded from the fumes of a galaxy wide war, other planets still struggle to hold it together as they are being taken-over by the UOA,(Underground operations army) a civilian based army.You play as Itchiki Arrange, a local hero, or so he proclaims. His main goal is to find him Mother, Arromi."

                                                                        -Game Offical Description-

Main Charactors

Itchiki Arrange-Main charactor-

Katsumi Heroine -Main Villian-

Arromi Arrange-Itchiki's mom-

Xopilus Moredes -Father Figure of Katsumi-

Suit 72-Companion-

Nios Chortel -Companion


Fredrick Romeo-Companion

Sahara Demonion-Companion-


The game is a Quick RPG in terms of battle. Cycle through moves and attack.As you progress through the game you unlock Companions to assist you in battle.


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