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Sickly (Full name Lord SicklyMcDoomshire) is a villain in formerly Kirby Dimension Gate, but was scrapped and replaced with Corrucciare. Now he will be a villain in the Wheelzen series and Team Fanon.


A Kirby with entirely pitch-black skin with a dark cloak and a top hat

Wheelzen's Wild Adventure

In the first game, Sickly appears as a boss 5 times, as well as piloting not one but two robots, one as a normal boss and one as a secret boss. He was the main villain.

Wheelzen: Revenge of Sickly

Sickly, as well as Crispy and Miracle Nebula were the main villains.

Wheelzen Atomic

Sickly and Miracle Nebula are both bosses at 2 points in the story, but they are not main villains.

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