The Appearance of the Shyguy Express

The Shy Guy Express is a steam train built by the Shy Guys in Mario Games. The Shy Guy Express is mainly black and gold in color and the number of Cabins varies in each game.



In the Pathverse Timeline, the Shy Guy Express is built by General Guy's in the Second Age as means of transport between Shy Guy colonies. Each Station for the Shy Guy Express was situated near the City Gates for Security reasons and each one is monitored by a group of Shy Guys equipped with knives and Scanners. (During the 5th Age) As the Shy Guys gained more allies, the Shy Guy Express' track was expanded to Allied Colonies such as those owned by Bowser. The Allied Colony's Station is guarded by whatever forces are available to them and not Shy Guys from General Guy's empire. When Bowser invaded and overtook Devotee a track was built in the City because it was now in Bowser's ownership, during the 5th Age, a rebel Scouter Drone managed to board the train as it headed to Devotee, the Scouter Drone had a bomb implanted into it's circuits and was made to sabotage the Shy Guy Express in attempt to stop the train from importing supplies from allied colonies. The Sabotage was a success, killing most the passengers onboard the Shy Guy express and destroying the station at Devotee. The only thing left after the destruction of the Shy Guy Express was the train's old tracks, which were used by Oxus in the Sixth Age.

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