Shy Guys: Endverse is a fanfiction wrote by Fandraxono.  It focuses on four shy guys, Jack (red), Mike (yellow), Dave (green), and Marvin (blue), as they attempt to stop the world from desertification spreading from the Great Pokey Desert.

Chapter One

Jack: Got any threes, Mike?
Mike: No, goldfish.
Jack: Dammit.
Marvin: Have any sixes, Dave?
Each of these shy guys knew that the Great Pokey Desert was expanding in size. However, they attempted to distract themselves from it with a simple card game.
Dave: I don't have any, goldfish Marvin.
Marvin. Huh.
Mike: My mind can't be taken off of the desertification cycle, this card game isn't working out for me.
Jack: Same. We need to formulate a plan to stop the desertification, and now.
In all of four seconds, the windows shattered into pieces and sand came flying in. The roof of the house fell in, exposing the house to the desert. The four wasted no time and entered the basement of their house. Two seconds afterwards, a huge sandstorm brewed and swept the house apart.
Mike: It's very difficult to withstand the damage that's been done. Fifteen minutes ago, the desert was just five miles away. Look where it is now.
The four of them look through a small window, and see that for miles around the desert has taken over.
Mike: Even though the desertification spread far, this is only one of the nine continents beaten by it. The nearest one, Farastia, can be reached by boat. We'll be safe over there.
Jack: Hold up there. The desert winds can obviously spread over the ocean and destroy Farastia too. Maybe we can just go there and warn the inhabitants and get them to Aqurious, the mostly aquatic continent.
Dave: Let's go, and quickly.
Marvin: We can't, the sandstorm wrecked our home and is still taking place.
Mike: We have no choice. A tornado touched down around two minutes ago. We must part.
To be continued.

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