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Hello boys and girls and Shy Guys and Koopas and IPS and Locky and etc...

 Old "Friends"

  • Gary :Hello?
  • Gary :What Fuck?
  • Boby :Run shit!
  • Green Shy Guy :I run fuck!
  • ?? :FUCK YOU
  • Green Shy Guy  now is ass.
  • ?? :Now is you!
  • Boby :Bye!
  • Boby :Hunpf?
  • Red Shy Guy :I help you?
  • Red Shy Guy :Yes!
  • Barmaid :Hey look you die now!
  • ?? :Well, well, well. What've we got here? A SHIT of SHY GUYS trespassing on private porn. What? You're not a fan of ANTANEDO? FUCK YOU!
  • Boby :You is?
  • ?? :ahahahahahaha
  • Boby and Red :?
  • ?? :Perhaps, not in my current form, but maybe this will jog your memory! (He struggles out to reveal he's just only a Spam Butt, and he gives out an evil laugh once again, as everyone stuck in  horror.) That's right, I'm the son of universe renold SPAM champion, Couy Couyx Rouy Junior!
  • Boby :Haa!
  • (The last part of the Horro is slotted into place. This triggers two poles with huge ass on top which zap into the dark cloud, which becomes a portal; many dozens of villains from previous days  walking out of the portal.)
  • Red Shy Guy :Oh no!
  • Couy :Son you looks good1
  • Couy Jr. :Father
  • Couy Jr. :Thanks. Now what do you say we show these shits  the meaning of revenge?
  • :You die now!
  • Coolswag :Yeah!
  • Erand :Good Show!
  • Kkkk123 :Fuck you I the Troll!
  • Boby :It's useless. We're all gonna die!
  • Red Shy Guy :SHIT!
  • Gary :Oh fuck!
  • Locky :I don't know about you guys. I think it's rude not to invite your friends to the party.(Locky whistles, summoning many allies, including Arend,Meme,Sr. Wario,Eva,Yoshifraga, and SGY.)
  • SGY :'Ello Boys!
  • All :WHOA!
  • Couy Jr. :How touching. Ups spawn of the Spamworld!
  • Couy Jr. :ATTACK this SHIT!
  • Boby :Hold the line... (The charge continues) Hold the line... (The charge continues) Now! (The gang scatters as a Penis ball flies through and smashes most of the undead back and off the ramp. A hand-to-hand fight breaks out with crude ASS.)
  • Couy Jr. :ATTACK!
  • All of Good guys :Attack! (SGY attack IPS and Allyman with machete) (Locky punch Okok715 and he punch Locky)
  • Locky : Dude, we've gotta find Mr. Plumber so we can get him to sign these blocks.
  • Arend :Yes1
  • Mr. Plumber :AHAHAHAHA SHIT!
  • Locky :HAHAHAHA!
  • Locky :You is the creator of Fantendo
  • Mr. Plumber :Oh lies
  • Locky :Ohshit
  • Mr. Plumber :I remeber of you!
  • Locky :Oh shit yes!
  • Couy Jr. : Hmm, alright, gather round, gather round now. (The villains gather.) We'll just tear this thing up and get this war back on. Minions! Behold!
  • King of Logic :Is your eat penis? 
  • Couy Jr. and Father :Explode
  • THE END !



Arend,Meme,Sr. Wario,Eva,Yoshifraga, and SGY appears

Old "Friends" Credits Song03:50

Old "Friends" Credits Song

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