Gary is not there the Shy Guy more funnyl world. But whenever he can, he tries to have a little fun. The problem is that almost never works ... Check below

Paper is fun

  • Gary :I just, I'm too fucking! (just built a paper airplane)
  • Gary:Drop it now!
  • Paper Airplane:STOP! 
  • Gary:Why?
  • Paper Airplane:I kill you!
  • Gary:HAHHAHA you is only a paper!
  • Paper Airplane:must submit to my friends!
  • Gary:OH FUCK!
  • Paper Airplane: Attack (an army of paper shoot guns and scissors)
  • Gary:Is the end of house!
  • Paper Army:Let glue stick that up your ass!
  • Gary:Hey man you know who like glue?
  • Paper Soldier:Who?
  • Gary:You eat! (Gary starts to pee in the army)
  • Paper Army:Oh funny,but eat this (plays several planes to begin taking rubbers)
  • Gary:Oh shit!
  • Gary:I hate blue rubbers!
  • Gary:Takes! (Plays a ball dog and all crushes the ball!)
  • (Now have 15458 papers in house)
  • Gary:Is the war of paper world?
  • Paper General:Take that! (Plays a turd glue)
  • Gary:I ANGRY NOW!
  • Paper Army:???
  • Gary:I choose Rock
  • Paper Guy:I choose paper?
  • Gary :You win! (he plays a big rock in them destroying the house and burning everything they have there)
  • BOOM!
  • Paper Airplane:oh no!
  • Gary:Boring
  • (Gary released the aircraft to fly, it runs, and falls)
  • ( the Airplane explode):fail
  • Gary:nothing happens in this house,not have war!  

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