Everyone loves waffles. This episode goes at the same time that the events of the previous episode. Here, Boby, the Shyy Guy, was giving a visit to the Museum of Art Somewhere Lands while SGY was knocking Borys, the Bandit quarrelsome. Speaking of feisty, reviving the old story of not being able to touch anything inside museums, Boby has a friendly conversation with a Goomba law. The cool thing is that there is no danger of the police pull a gun 

"Boring" Museum

  • (Boby is walking)
  • Boby:have to play!
  • (A angry goompa appears)
  • Goomba:STOP,SHIT!
  • Boby:WHY!
  • Goomba:Do not touch...
  • Boby:Why
  • (Boby and Goomba are facing off for 5 days)
  • Gary:who is staring at you?
  • Goomba:Who?
  • Gary:You eat!
  • Goomba:Fuck you!
  • Gary:Thanks!
  • (Boby touches the table)
  • (Goomba explode)
  • Boby:we eat it?
  • Gary:Sure!
  • (Boby and Gary are eating the goomba)
  • Gary:YOU EAT!
  • (Larry appears driving the El Lamino and  takes Boby to the stars) 
  • Larry:Boby you need die!
  • Boby:Why
  • Larry:Because broke the covenant not to eat the living beings
  • Boby:Oh lord.

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