Who knows the ancient technique of squeezing the jugular? Children, never ever tried this at home. And never, ever move to SGY. Meet Borys, the youngest member of the series!  For those who do not know, Borys is a subspecies of Shy Guy named Bandit. They are extremely annoying in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and the pattern seems to have been imported to the show ...


  • Borys :Hey, motherfucker! see if fuck out of my face!
  • SGY :!
  • SGY :And what will you do if I leave?
  • Borys :Punch your ass!
  • SGY :UUUUUU! that fear!
  • Borys :Grunf! (He jump and charge the hand)
  • SGY : (Squeezed his jugular,He faints)
  • Borys :What do there?
  • SGY :Who is the son of a bitch now?
  • Gary :SUCKS BORIS!

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